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me, with 2 Sand Hill Cranes (my followers!)

Hey! Thanks for stopping by. My name is Barbara, but you can call me "Barb." My husband, who I call "Beloved" on this blog calls me "Babe", "Honey", and "Doll." Three middle-aged adults call me "Mom", their spouses call me "Mom + my last name". Eleven young people call me "Grammy." We have grand puppies and grand kitties who don't call me anything but appreciate all the love I enjoy showering on them.

So now  you know not only my name but a little about my family status.

Beloved and I live in what the locals refer to as "the first coast" which is pretty close to the Florida-Georgia state line. We moved here from Colorado in June 2017, although we have lived from coast-to-coast over the many years of our marriage due to job transfers when Beloved was a part of corporate America.

We are retired now.  Well, Beloved is. Homemakers never retire, but that's okay with me. I love keeping the home in order, cooking, sewing, and the freedom to come and go as I like.

Beloved stays busy monitoring those things I don't (the finances, the yard, home repairs, and so forth). And he likes to fish and keep up with football (the Denver Broncos, 'Bama, and now the Jacksonville Jaguars). 

Together we enjoy sightseeing, watching movies, keeping local restaurants in business, and staying active in our Baptist church.

I've been blogging since February 2009 and love it as a form of expression, creativity, relaxation, and making friends both near and far.