Wednesday, May 16, 2018

We Have Excellent Conditions

... for ducks! This has been a week, thus far, of heavy rains. It's been wonderful. The plants are at their best with a good watering, and in-between the bands of rain moving through, we've enjoyed watching the birds, Cardinals in particular, grocery shop among the trees and in our lawn.

Denise sent this charming pair of ducks to live at our house shortly after her visit here a few weeks ago. I've been waiting for the spring showers to arrive so they could enjoy the limelight on the blog.

I can't write much more than this. After getting my menu plans and grocery list prepared for tomorrow, I spent the rest of the evening re-designing the blog header. It's still not quite as I want it, but Beloved has fallen asleep in his recliner while waiting for me to finish up. Guess I should call it quits for now and just sleep on it.

G'nite to all!


  1. What cute ducks! I think it is fun to re-design now and is always a challenge for me. Have a blessed Thursday.

  2. Your header looks great, Barbara, just as it is. What fun to get a pair of ducks in the mail....will there be little goslings coming soon? lol I hope you have a really good day. xo Diana

  3. I love the little ducks. I have always had a thing for ducks. Probably had a few too many in my house in the 80's.
    The header looks great. I keep saying I am going to redo my, but alas it is still the same.
    I think most of the rain has stayed away from us. We have gotten a few needed showers. I have been puttering in my flowers a lot.

  4. I would never have imagined your receiving all that rain. Hope it gives way to some sun and blue skies. Your header is beautiful!

  5. I noticed a change in your header the minute I opened your blog! Love the ducks and it certainly has been great weather for ducks these past few days. We do indeed need the rain though.