Saturday, March 10, 2018


I am holding my breath to see if spell check tries to auto-correct the title of my post today. So far it's holding as I want it to be.....

Forgive me, any of you who are English majors or those who are trying to homeschool your children in proper writing skills. But I like to write the way I talk and although I know better, this is the way I communicate.

It's been a full week here and my DayTimer tells me the pace will only pick up from here on out for the next few months. But that's okay. I like to have things to do, don't you? 

I'll catch you up on a couple of the fun things from this past week.

my new metal bench

Last fall Lea, on her blog titled Cici's Corner, posted a picture of a beautiful black metal bench on her front porch that she had decorated with a festive pillow and large ribbon bows on either end in season-appropriate colors. 

Lea's bench

I love the look! After that I began my search for a similar bench. We found one at the local patio store but they were asking $400 for it, so Beloved nixed that idea. But I kept looking.

We found one in a consignment store for $40, but it was too light-weight and it really needed seat cushions, which was not the look I was going for.

Then last Saturday we were in Old Time Pottery looking for something else when we came across this one at $80. Beloved knew he would have to buy it for me. He takes a hint so well!

needs a decorative pillow to hide the electrical outlet
I haven't put a pillow on it yet, but when I do, that will hide the electric outlet on the wall behind it and all will be good. I don't like to see cords or electric outlets with my home decor, although I am very thankful for the invention of both.

So let's see. What else have I been up to? 

We added some bright yellow pillows to our guest room for our grandsons. I love how the pillows go with the small yellow flowers in the mountain picture on the wall. I wanted the boys' room to be light and airy and not desperately masculine (just not too froo-froo, ya know?).

re-designed room for the boys
We've been doing some rearranging in the granddaughters' bedroom, too. I'm not done with the decorating in there yet, but you can see the color scheme I'm working with. It's a delight to be able to add pink in here. As Julia Roberts said in Steel Magnolias, "Pink is my signature color!"

re-arranged room for the girls and sewing
note: decorating still in progress!
We recently decided to make a part of the girls' room my sewing area. When the grands come to visit, the big cutting table can be folded up and stored in a closet, making room for sleeping bags on the floor as needed.

the cutting table in the sewing (girls') room
Here is a better view of the sewing area. By the way, those two bright squares on the wall are high windows. They didn't photograph very well. I should have closed the blinds before taking the picture. 

using a wall quilt like a bulletin board

My sewing "career" began around the age of nine when The Cook on Fifth Street let me play with her sewing scraps. You could say that over the years I've become very opinionated about the necessities for a seamstress (quilter, in my case). No 'set up the machine on the dining table' for me! I've got too many tools and supplies that need to be at-the-ready for my sewing projects.

the wall above my sewing machine

In addition to a liberal use of pink in the girls' room, my theme is  "Beach" with a growing collection of fun beach quotes. Love it!

And one more tip-of-the-hat to Lea: I got the idea to display all these signs from a more recent blog post of hers where she hung many sayings on her laundry room wall:

from Lea at
This isn't everything I did this past week, but enough for now. 

more pink accents

What about you? Got any adventures to share?

P.S. Beloved will be doing some maintenance on my computer this weekend, so please feel free to comment but I may not be able to reciprocate.


  1. I like your little bench. It is really cute and always fun when you score a deal. Your sewing area is great too. When I retired from teaching, my husband's gift to me was to make a room devoted to my sewing. He got some shelving, work counter, and a closet was knocked out to be my desk. Best gift ever! Your quilts and table runners are so pretty.

  2. I just love this post, Barbara...lets see, spring break here, no classes for a week. We will be heading over to the Corning Museum of Glass and then Canada....unfort. the weather will remain cold, lol.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend, smiles.

  3. Hi, I am coming over from Cici's blog. I love all your 'sayings' on the wall...and your sewing room is great. I've been knitting some and loving photography I have been out and about with my camera.

  4. Your bench is perfect for that spot!! I have been getting the 'itch' to sew again and am peculating an idea I hope to begin soon. More about that later. Your sewing room is great and I'm sure the girls won't mind, even if you leave things in place when they visit. Might even pique their interest in sewing!! Have a good weekend!

  5. I like what Terri D said above. Ditto. I love the fun you are having decorating your grandkids' rooms so they will have a fun place to stay while visiting. You are a "great" grandma! I love the sewing room and the wall of signs. My son makes signs and some Rustic coastal decor, and he and his bride seem to also love the beach theme. Their wedding had a beach theme as well. Seems to be the "in thing" right now. We live in the woods, so I have a woods theme... Love the bench...I know you will find the right accents pillows for it. It is very welcoming! have fun and enjoy your home..that is what it's all about!!

  6. Awe, Barbara, so glad you were inspired by something I did. BTW, our benches were right at $80 a piece and I do believe they may be identical. I found the cutest pillows at Plow and Hearth for this spring and will be showing those off soon. And, my "happy wall" is just that, happy and yours is well on it's way. Everything looks lovely! Happy weekend Barbara!

  7. Regarding the spelling of your title. It reminded me when at school my teacher told me "Your grammar stinks!" I thought it was unfair since my grandma always smelled of lavender perfume.

    God bless.

  8. Your laundry sign wall reminds me of my sister-in-laws chalk wall of favorite quotes she's collected for this season of her life. Black chalkboard paint with white lettering and embellishing. You've been busy. Same stuff around here that you can probably relate to, also, we're getting ready for a big move...