Sunday, February 25, 2018

No Obsession with Shoes Here

old friends

How beautiful are thy feet with shoes.
Song of Solomon 7:1, KJV

This morning as I dressed for church I realized I would have to force myself to say 'farewell' to some old friends. The scuffs and crinkles in one of my most comfortable pair of shoes were getting noticeable. I got one more wearing of them by using a black Sharpie marker to color in the split seam on the back of the left shoe, but clearly, it was time to replace them.

My best estimate is that I've had these shoes for twenty years, or given the price I paid for them, maybe longer. Of course, I've not worn them every Sunday due to rotating them with other shoes.  But these have been a very comfortable, dependable accessory to my wardrobe. 

In the last decade or so I have definitely moved out of shopping for cute shoes to comfortable ones that (hopefully) don't look clunky. Uncomfortable shoes make my joints and back hurt. Stylishness has lost its position of priority with me. My philosophy is to have good hair, earrings, makeup and a pleasant facial expression so maybe people won't need to look at my feet to find something appealing. 

And please understand, those of you who wear the fashion-forward shoes, I'm not being critical of you. I just have to make peace with the pain in my joints.

So it went like this: over lunch after church today I told Beloved that I need new black pumps. As he munched his French fries dipped in Camp Fire sauce, he listened patiently to my sad description of the shoes' appearance. He suggested that since we were practically across the street from our favorite shoe warehouse, maybe we should go there when we were done with lunch.

Then as we drove around searching for a parking place, he suggested the use of duct tape to extend the life of the current pair, reminding me that it's now available in a rainbow of colors, not just silver gray any more.

I gave him "the look" over my glasses and pointed out the available parking spaces in the next row over.

new friends?
Fortunate for me, Beloved found comfortable seating just inside the door of the shoe place so I didn't feel hurried.  I was very apprehensive that I would find anything suitable to my liking that would be appropriate, comfortable, attractive, and reasonably priced.

pumps with a slight rise at the heel and a band of suede across the toes
As it turned out, the hunt was not so discouraging. I found three pairs and narrowed them down to one. The first pair had a little more distinctive design to them, but I was going to settle for them only if nothing better could be found. They weren't all that comfy but for a few hours on a Sunday maybe a two or three times a month, I'd put up with them.

shoes by Life Stride

The third pair felt wonderful. Still, I held them close while I perused all the other aisles, just to be sure I was making a good choice for me. The price was good, especially when the gal at the register told us we had a ten dollar coupon on our account. I was so glad. There are other things I'd rather do with my money than spend too much of it on my feet.

Clearly, shoe shopping is not my favorite thing to do, but here in Florida I have enjoyed picking up a nice assortment of slappy-back sandals with their thick rubber soles in cute styles. 

The feet are taken care of. Let's move on to something more interesting.


  1. I hate to shop for shoes, I have large feet and those shoes can never be described as "cute". I also have wide feet because all my life I have preferred to go barefooted. I think your new shoes are both cute and stylish and they also look comfortable!

  2. Well, wish I didn't like shoes but I LOVE shoes and while I have long since given up high heels, I still prefer a 2" heel in my dress shoes and want some kind of heel in all my shoes. But, I'm all about comfort in my day to day shoes because nothing is more miserable than hurting feet. Glad your shoe stop was productive!

  3. Those shoes look feminine, attractive, and comfortable. Score!

  4. I had to chuckle at this one. I am with you. I look for comfort which often feels very elusive. My mother does have a shoe obsession so she ends up with my purchases that after a week of wearing don't work out. That 83 year old can wear anything. I on the other hand will have a knot form if a piece of thread rubs my foot the wrong way. I have quit buying and wear a limited few pair. Just last week I purchased my first pair of Grasshoppers. I thought to myself I am old, but they feel good. I like your philosophy of hopefully making the other part of me attractive enough that they won't notice my feet.

  5. I popped into a shoe store this weekend too and found a new pair of sandals and a pair of sneakers. I have a big unattractive foot so finding something in a real shoe store is rare. I usually have to order shoes. So hooray for us both!!

  6. Shoes are important and I've made too many bad choices that sit in my closet. Glad you were successful!

  7. I like those shoes, Barbara...I don't get to wear anything but snow boots or tennis shoes as of late, lol. I hope you have a happy day in Ocala. SIGH, I haven't been home in like 8-9 years and that was for my brothers wedding, I bet it has changed.

  8. I am new to your blog, coming over from our mutual friend Terri...I saw that she was meeting you in Ocala tomorrow, so I had to sneak a peek at just who who are! I live in Salt Springs, NE of Ocala about 45 minutes. I worked in Ocala for 6 years before retiring a couple of years ago. Anyway, I LOVE your post, because I did the exact same thing with an old pair of black shoes just a week ago!! I could almost ditto everything you said about your old shoes...I had also covered the scuffs with black marker, but I sat in church and saw they were cracking on top, and that was it. In the trash they went! I had already purchased a new pair for our son's wedding last fall, but they are a little more dressy than I want to wear and not quite as comfortable as my previous hush puppies black pumps. So I will be looking for another pair of comfortably semi dress black pumps to wear with my black slacks, etc. very soon. I can't get over your post...I could have written this. So funny. Have fun tomorrow! Maybe sometime we will get to meet as well!!

  9. Shoes and I HAVE to be comfortable with ea other or else I am in a really bad you, I vote for comfort over stylish. I absolutely do LUV my leather boots and wear them A LOT in the winter time. My most comfy flats are fabric and black so they stay dirty all the time...and I need new ones and hoping I can find them in a butter soft leather.

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  11. I totally understand! I tossed out all my heels, almost heels and wedges a couple of years ago and went completely to flats. I've always had foot trouble and now that I'm older it doesn't make sense to be in pain just for fashion. I hate shopping for shoes too and when you live in the boonies like I do, it's Zappos to the rescue and a lot of returning and exchanging. UGH! Glad you found a pair that will work well for you.

  12. Hi Barbara! I enjoyed this post, I too am an only flats girl. I rather enjoy the ballet flat look myself. Your new shoes are really pretty and flattering too! Yes, we women need our comfort to keep us pretty on the inside as well as outside! : )