Sunday, January 14, 2018

Choice Voices

It's the start of a new week. We expect the weather to be cold here again in The Sunshine State. 

I don't think Florida deserves that motto on the license plates. Colorado gets a lot more of the bright stuff and on these cold, rainy days, I miss the sun! But with that said, there is still cheer in my heart because it's not cold and dreary all the time, and my collection of flip flops are waiting for me when the time is right.

On Tuesday mornings I am a part of a group that seeks to bring cheer to local nursing homes. We sing at four different places, a different one each week. There are about twenty-five of us, mostly seniors. (We never know when one of us on the singing side of the room might end up as a patient on the resident side of the room.)

We always start out singing Zippity Doo Dah, which is appropriate since we live in the land of Disney. That is followed with God Bless America, and then we sing a number of hymns, have a devotional thought by a retired preacher in our group, and end with Jesus Loves Me and Amazing Grace. There is a lot of energy and harmony in the singing, accompanied with the piano and a bass guitar to keep us on track. I love it.

Some of our audience sings with us, some just sit and smile, some have a blank stare the entire time, and some sleep through the whole thing. But no matter, I know the gospel music ministers to their spirit and that's the main reason we do this.

This month our repertoire includes "His Eye is On the Sparrow." I often sit with Elizabeth, who is  originally from South America. She spent the Christmas holidays taking care of her friend's two parakeets. She tells me she knows nothing about birds but I guess the task has not been too hard. 

I told her she should sing "His Eye is On the Sparrow" to her charges. She said she did, but their owner told her the birds only understand Spanish!

Our retired minister friend always includes at least one smile-inducer (if not an outright chuckle) in his devotions at the nursing homes. Last week he told us about two corpses in the graveyard. One rolled over to the other and said to him, "How did you get here?"

The second one replied, "Well, I caught a cold, that developed into pneumonia, and then I ended up here.  How about you? How did you die?"

The first one said, "I had 'seenus.'" To which the other one replied, "I think you mean 'sinus.'"

"No, it was 'seenus.'  I was out with another man's wife, and he seen us!"

this hangs in one of my bathrooms, purchased at Kirklands a couple of years ago

It's a little scary, going into these nursing homes. We could carry germs in, or bring some out! For that reason, we are diligent to use the antibacterial dispensers that are always stationed just inside the doors to the outside. 

Our visit at the nursing home goes for about 45 minutes; then we go to lunch together, a different restaurant every week. One of my favorite parts of the entire morning is after we are all seated and ready to eat, our director leads out singing The Doxology. We all close our eyes and sing it aloud in acapella harmony, as our thanks for the food. It brings a reminder to all of us and those at nearby tables the Source of all our blessings.

I hope  your week is off to a cheery start!

Nancy Halvorsen from Art to Heart, "Bless Ewe"


  1. When we lived in Alabama, I was part of the women's group who visited the nursing home...and my husband on Sunday afternoons would go and preach.

    I hope you have a beautiful day regardless of the weather and lack of sunshine. smiles

  2. What a wonderful ministry!! I just loved reading about your group and just know you make a difference in so many lives. Bless you all!

  3. That does sound like a worthwhile service at these homes.

  4. Well, Barbara, that just sounds like such fun! And, what a blessing to both the residents and to those of you who share your talents. Wish we had something like that here, my Dad would love it. Happy week!