Sunday, December 17, 2017

Sewing the Days Together

Holly tree outside our window

For young children, the wait for Christmas day is long; but at my age,  the days rush by. I am grateful for opportunities to sit quietly in my recliner to write and post pictures before they are forgotten. 

an overnight babysitting gig
We have had two weekends in a row where we were blessed with opportunities to spend time with the families of our children -- and we didn't have to buy a plane ticket to see them! This cross country move to be closer to them is working out!

"muggy rugby" (a coaster for a mug of hot beverage)
In another area, Beloved has encouraged me to spend some time at the wonderful quilt store close to our home and to pull out my sewing machine. After an eight-month hiatus from sewing (quilting, in particular), it feels good to play around with fabric again. I had forgot how pleasant it is to escape to my sewing room. Quiet music, a heated iron, and solitude with a threaded needle...

white felt table runner
It helps, too, that with a new house, some of the old standbys don't work with the decor. That inspires me to create new things!

homespun black check appliance cover
I also needed to make a dust cover for the new stand mixer Beloved gave to me recently. I had to design it myself because store-bought patterns don't aways fit right. This is not my favorite kind of sewing, but I was happy to get it done and behind me.

staring at ocean waves
Another blessing that has come with this year's busy Christmas season is the ability to drive out to the beach on short notice to watch ocean waves roll in, inhale the salty air, and just let the sea sounds sink in. 


  1. This post has me smiling ear-to-ear! I'm so happy you love your new Florida home!!

  2. I just love the table setting, smiles. I'm with Terri, smiling ear to ear. Hope you have a beautiful day friend.

  3. I'm pleased you're enjoying your new home...
    Merry Christmas
    Mama Bear