Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Observing November in the Land of Flip Flops

our front door
We continue to make note of the differences between living in Colorado and Florida as the seasons come and go. My family and friends out west have told us about the snow storms they've already had in recent weeks, while we decorate within spitting distance of tall palm trees in our still very green yard. There is no traditional autumn color here but the shades of green are beautiful.

wrapping Christmas gifts

Christmas gifts are getting wrapped and the grocery list for Thanksgiving dinner has been made without any concerns for a debilitating blizzard to put a snafu in the plans.  They tell us hurricane season doesn't officially end until November 30th, but the forecast looks like we'll be okay from here on out.

yes, that is clean laundry neatly stacked on the bed

The afternoon sunshine filters through the blinds on the west side of the house with intriguing patterns. I often have to just stop and marvel at the beautiful sight. 

beside St. Johns River in downtown Jacksonville
This past Sunday after church and lunch, we changed our clothes and drove downtown. We wanted to settle the question of where to park when we take out-of-town guests to the river walk.

The Lone Sailor statue at the Southbank Riverwalk, Jacksonville
After living in the Rocky Mountain west for so long, it has been very interesting to poke around the nautical sights of our new home. Jax is a big Navy town.

Jaguars' Everbank stadium
We don't claim to be Jacksonville Jaguars fans (although our Denver Broncos are a sorry team this season); but we did enjoy the cheers of local fans wafting across the river as we strolled along.

my veteran
Speaking of football and recent controversies, we hung our flag out for the first time in this new house on Veterans Day. Yes, we believe people should stand for the national anthem.

LED Cafe lights on the back porch
Beloved hung lights around the ceiling of the screened-in back porch and then built a ladder to hold the remainder of the string. I added some silk grape vines. I plan to buy some plastic grape clusters from Hobby Lobby to fill in the blank spots, giving our private refuge from the world a bit of an Italian ambience (neither of us are Italian, but we like to eat at The Olive Garden).

Beloved grilled our dinner
We love this quiet hide-a-way nestled near the forest. I still marvel at the Lord's goodness to give me this particular desire of my heart.

our local mall decorated for Christmas
We made a trip to the mall where, as I raised my camera, Santa waved to us from the lower level.

Did you know much of the Thanksgiving decor at Hobby Lobby
is on sale now for 80% off? 

As we prepare for Thanksgiving, Beloved reminded me of a cartoon where the turkey is telling Santa Claus, "Wait your turn, fat boy!"

It is a good thing to give thanks unto the LORD,
and to sing praises unto thy name,
O Most High:
To show forth thy lovingkindness in the morning,
and thy faithfulness every night.
Psalm 92:1-2


  1. I love hearing about how you are settling in and getting acquainted with our Florida ways!! It reminds me of our first year here, 29 years ago.

  2. 🦃 Eighty per cent off?! Must get in there asap. This is such a joy-filled, thankful post. I can hear your gratitude for your new home and experiences in Florida. I agree with you on that controversial issue. If I don’t see you before Thanksgiving...a blessed and happy one!

  3. Oh, what a contrast for you this winter. We're somewhere in the middle of Florida and Colorado but still having really warm days right now. Have a good weekend!