Monday, September 11, 2017

We Survived Hurricane Irma!

our "safe place"
We thank the Lord tonight for bringing us through Hurricane Irma, a little worn for the experience but better for it. 

After watching a combination of local TV and The Weather Channel for hours on end, we went to bed this morning at 1:45. I did not put on my jammies. Not knowing what might happen, I went to bed in my street clothes. The wind and rain were torrential, so I slept lightly, to say the least.

Our weather radio woke us at 2:30am with a tornado warning and at 2:45 the TV told us to go to our "safe place." We had done a lot of advance planning for this, so we gathered our eye glasses and shoes, made sure we had our cell phones and hunkered down in the laundry room. 

We spent four hours in there with the radio on, hearing about tornadoes marching ashore in the St. Augustine area, south of us some 25 miles. 

At daylight we'd had about all of our cramped quarters we could stand, and the tornado threats had decreased.

As the day wore on, the rain tapered off, the wind blew crazy wild until afternoon arrived. By then the lack of electricity was wearing on us, but Beloved managed to heat canned chili for us on his gas grill and we had a peaceful dinner on the back porch.

The news is showing pictures and telling stories about the flooding. We are so very thankful we were spared that. We pray for those who have a very different story to tell.

Thank you for praying for us. It was exciting, and I'm glad I have this experience behind me. I've also decided I'd rather prepare for a snow blizzard over an incoming hurricane. But that's just me.... (smile)