Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy Birthday America!

the front door to our new home

Happy 4th of July, dear blog readers! I wanted to briefly check in to wish you all well on this birthday of our nation. 

This year our celebration will be more of one in our hearts than in outward display since we still have many boxes to tackle as we unpack from our move into the house just this past Saturday. 

our 3-car garage this morning
Yes, many boxes await our attention while the car sits on the driveway. We cannot complain of boredom around here!

Surfer Girl with her pups
On Sunday afternoon Surfer Girl, Surfer Boy, Grandson #4 and Granddaughter #5 came for a visit to see the house and help us with some moving-in activities. Surfer Girl finished removing all the plastic shrink wrap that encased all of the furniture. 

Granddaughter #5

The grandchildren loved stomping down the plastic and stuffing it into bags for disposal (after making a mountain of it and jumping onto it with glee). 

Saving this picture for future use --
perhaps a video at his wedding?

Surfer Boy helped Beloved secure a drapery rod that was loose, broke down boxes, and helped with a carpentry alteration on  Beloved's office desk. 

handmade treasures from little hands
As we unpack we are finding both treasures and new trash -- things we realize we no longer need taking up precious storage space. But some items will continue to merit their space in the china cabinet!

As I close this out, I am sharing with you a really neat wall hanging/table topper made by my friend Carole Lee from the ladies' quilting group back in Colorado. Isn't it striking?!

Carole Lee's patriotic table topper/wall hanging

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