Friday, June 30, 2017

The Day Before the Moving Truck Arrives

Waiting and watching out the front windows
You know it's a slow afternoon when we've stationed our only furniture in front of the windows to watch for the trash trucks!

Today is trash pick-up day. Since we have not been in  our house for a week yet (and the furniture doesn't come until tomorrow), we are still learning "how things are done" in our new neighborhood.

At The Brown Bungalow in Colorado, our Home Owner's Association was very particular about exactly where to position the trash and recycle cans. They had to be in the gutter, facing out. You could get a nasty-gram from them if you put them on the sidewalk.

Putting them in the gutter makes it easier for the armature of the trucks to reach out, grab the cans, dump them, and then return them to the pavement.

We are seeing the cans here on both the sidewalks and in the gutters. So we are a little nervous about the expectations.

The neighbors here began putting their cans out last night, so we first wondered just how early do these guys show up on Friday mornings? When we locked up and headed for our hotel last night, the cans were inside the garage. 

our temporary home
This morning just after 5am, we heard the trash truck emptying the hotel's garbage outside our windows. I began to worry that we might miss the truck when it comes to our neighborhood because Beloved insisted we leave them in the garage overnight.

In my most sweet, persuasive manner, I suggested we get up and go to the house in that predawn hour to set out our trash. 

"We need to get up and get the trash out!" 

There was a groan on the other side of the bed, but cooperation was granted and we were in the car by 5:35. 

So now it's after 4pm and we are sitting in the living room, waiting to see how it's done. Beloved may even walk out to the street when they show up to ask if there is a preference by the workmen for the cans' placement.


note the green trash cans in our driveway and up the street in front of us

Actually, it's only been the last hour or so that's been slow here. This has been a very productive day.  The electricians came on time this morning and ended up doing so much more than the original work order for additional outlets.

My pink sticky notes are telling me where to put things
as they are unpacked.

They put in under-the-cabinet lighting that Beloved was going to purchase and do himself. As we talked with them about that, we realized they could do it for us and they even had the necessary parts with them. We decided to ask if they would and they did! This photo (above) is just one of the three sections they lit  up for us. I love it and Beloved is vastly relieved he doesn't have to lay down on the kitchen countertops to do it himself. (Our son helped us do it in the last house but he doesn't live close by anymore.)

So we got that done. Then we had that marriage-enriching experience of hanging towel racks. 

towel ring in one of our guest rooms

We have to laugh every time we see that commercial on TV where the couple is hanging drapes together when "the moment turns romantic." I will not get any more graphic than that except to say Beloved and I don't find such projects "romantic." That applies to hanging towel racks, too.

Towel rack in the grandsons' guest room (aka "the boys' dorm")
We have 6 grandsons and 5 granddaughters.
The last project of the day was to put up hooks in the pantry for our aprons. 

adding an apron hook to the pantry

And yes indeedy, I do appreciate all the nifty things Beloved does for me all through the house.

This may have been a pretty ho-hum read for my fans today, but I promised to share the ins and outs of this moving adventure, so this is it. We greatly anticipate the arrival of our moving trucks tomorrow. The pace will pick up considerably after that, so I may not be writing much of anything for a few days or longer.

But I'll be back!


  1. They still had not come by 4 in the afternoon and you were there before six? Oh your poor longsuffering husband! Hahahahaha... The photo of him watching for the truck is hilarious. A great day all the same where you got so many things accomplished!

  2. {{{{giggling}}}} Our trash man comes between 8-10 am on Mondays and during the months of April-Oct. the car(s) must be off the street by 11 pm so the streets can be swept during the night on Sundays. We live on a one way street and let me tell you...never

    I am so loving your posts, Barbara, waving to Tom.

  3. Oh, no, this wasn't a ho-hum read at all. I'm so enjoying following along on this move. You just tickle me too death describing you and Beloved doing the various tasks together. It can be so challenging at times but definitely usually provides a laugh or two along the way. It seems things have gone so smoothly and you are so prepared for the arrival of the furnishings and I can hardly wait to see it all put together. Hopefully the trash men did eventually make it. :o)) Happy settling in!

  4. Not ho-hum at all!! We laugh about trash day here in Mas Verde. Our trash day is Tuesday. By 3:00 p.m. on Monday, most of the folks have their trash and recycle cans out. We put ours our after dinner - 7:00ish. the trucks don't come until after 10:00 a.m. most Tuesdays, so there isn't really a rush. The under cabinet lighting looks great!

  5. No, not at all ho-hum. Very interesting reading! Love that you are adding a hook for your aprons.