Sunday, June 4, 2017

Salmagundi (a miscellaneous collection)

Purple Lupine in the back yard of
The Brown Bungalow

Of course, now that we have made the decision to move to Florida, the flowers in our Colorado home are trying to make us regret our action, showing off more than they have in previous years.

blue (purple) and pink  Columbines in one of the
raised planter boxes constructed by Beloved

This past week Beloved drove one of our cars down to our new home state and then flew back here. I stayed busy during his absence, attacking my to-do list every day and staying up later than usual.

neck tie storage

One of my projects was to pack Beloved's neck ties. He has been keeping them on a very nice wood rack on his closet wall, behind the door. However, he seldom wears them any more, so I decided to find another way to not only store them, but to also move them to our new home without damage or wrinkling. 

These boxes I found are from The Container Store for $14.99 each. I had to buy two of them for all of his ties. There is a hinged opaque lid with a magnet closure. They can be easily stored on a closet shelf, safe from light and dust. 


Beloved took the car he was driving to the home of family members who have space to store it until we can retrieve it after we drive our second car down. One of the perks of his brief visit to that family was to meet their new puppy, a Basset-Sharpei mix.

After his flight home, Beloved had a doctor's appointment. I stayed home to remove all of our pictures from the walls, fill nail holes with spackling and finish with touch-up paint.

I ran into trouble when standing on a ladder, removing the large landscape art work hanging above the fire place. I could not get the picture loose on the left side! No matter how I maneuvered it, it would not come off. At first I thought I would have to stay on the ladder, holding the heavy picture for a couple of hours, until Beloved got home. Eventually I discovered it would be okay resting on the mantel and I could come down from the ladder. 

Beloved had trouble getting it to release but eventually he got it down with no damage to the wall.

Granddaughter #5 celebrates National Donut Day
We did not celebrate National Donut Day at The Brown Bungalow but Surfer Girl sent this fun snapshot, bringing a smile to our faces.

I conclude with a short editorial having to do with the current bru-ha-ha about climate change, President Trump's decision to pull out of the Paris Accord, and the claims that the coal mining industry here in the USA is declining.

south-bound coal train alongside I-25

We have extremely long, very slow-moving coal trains traveling through our town daily. They are a common sight. 

Coal trains always have multiple engines
This is one of the shorter coal trains because it has only 2 engines pulling the heavy load, moving very slowly.

you can see the black coal mounded in the train cars
We see these coal trains daily, often several times a day. My town has 12-18 trains passing through every day, not all of them carrying coal.

the coal trains are always very, very long
The coal trains can be, literally, a mile in length. Thankfully, most (but not all) of my town's road traffic can avoid driving over the tracks. Those of us who live here know the ways around the rail road crossings, other routes that take us on bridges over the tracks. We have at least 5 bridges that I can think of right now.

Based on what we see here daily, I find it very hard to believe the coal industry is declining. Once again, you cannot believe everything you see on the TV news. The liberal media construes the stories to fit their agendas.

Just sayin.'


  1. So true, you last sentence. So true. I was interested in your hubby's ties. Joe loves his ties and when he was working, he had 52 ties hanging on the wooden tie rack but donated more than half of them to our church's thrift store. He still has more than he needs, but loves them just the same. Cute puppy!! That was a long drive to make all by himself, but necessary and it's good that you have a place to store it until you arrive! Happy trails!!

  2. Exactly. And so many of us have awakened to the fact that it will, hopefully, change things. Did you see the story that the BBC did on the London bombing that was a complete set-up? One can watch them being in props, etc. Crazy!

    Your picture stuck on the wall and resting on the mantel is quite amusing, So glad that you didn't have to stay on the ladder for long.

    1. bring in not being in...fat fingers!

  3. comment disappeared into Neverland, lol. Fake News, about that climate change stuff, just a saying. We call it the change in seasons, lol. OANN News Network is a great site---I highly recommend it (as is Breitbart, but that might be a little rough for some folks.)---I am so looking forward to your move, drive safely my friend.

    (btw, our Governor up here in NY has bought into the renewable energy and we have wind farms up here. Nothing wrong with renewable energy, just saying, don't knock the coal industry--those folks drive me nuts...wink)

  4. Construe is a nice way of putting it. :) Glad the ladder/picture event ended well.

  5. It's exciting to make a move...we moved almost 5 yrs ago (only across town) and I got rid of sooo much stuff sure felt good, too. xoxo