Thursday, June 22, 2017

Eye Candy at Opryland

inside the Gaylord Opry

We drove today from Paducah, Kentucky to Birmingham, Alabama, making a lunch stop at the Gaylord Opry in Nashville. The rain related to Hurricane Cindy (now Tropical Depression Cindy) stayed with us the entire time.

Beloved takes a snapshot of a floral gazebo
We stopped here for brunch twenty-two years ago, when we were moving to Orlando. Some things have changed since then, including the parking. It used to be free, we are pretty sure. Now each car is charged $29 just to park.

Look closely to see a boat on the canal inside the building
However, it you are willing to pay that fee (and we were), the benefits are worth it.

Beloved's Turkey Bacon Club sandwich with potato salad
That parking fee does not include the price for lunch, but there are many options for dining once inside the complex.

my vegetarian quinoa veggie salad
We enjoyed sitting among the trees for our lunch, looking up at the balconies of the many, many hotel rooms.

the restaurant where we dined
In addition to the choices for food, there were gift shops. With the driving rain outside, I decided it was a good day for me to buy a hat!

me with my new ball cap

There were so many things to see -- all beautiful and tastefully displayed.

the revolving door to the outside included
a watering can full of flowers that also revolved

a glass display in the main entrance on the Cascade wing
This stunningly beautiful glass sculpture was made by Ludek Hroch in 2010. It is titled, "Resurgence."

the dining room in the Cascade wing

another awesome view of the Cascades American Cafe

By the time we were ready to return to our car, we hoped the rain had stopped. Oh, far from it! We had no choice but to hold our umbrellas close and walk through running water across the parking lot. I was glad to be wearing my waterproof hiking sandals!

After arriving in Birmingham, Alabama for the night, we met up with two of Beloved's cousins for dinner and learned a tornado had done serious damage in another part of the city during the afternoon. We are thankful for the Lord's protection of us on the roads during this long trip and through this harsh tropical weather.

Tomorrow is our last day on the road -- we will arrive in our new hometown in The Land of Flip Flops! 

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