Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Preparatory Measures

Beloved knocks snow off our Maple tree on May 18th
It's an odd state of things to be getting ready to move when we still need to maintain the current place. I was outside dealing with weeds a couple of days after the contract was signed with our buyers. One of our neighbors came by on his bicycle and asked me why I cared about weeds when the house had sold. My answer was something along the lines that I thought my neighbors would appreciate the effort in the month that remained before we leave.

But in my mind I thought, "It's the right thing to do!"

Then just a few days later we got a doozie of a snowstorm-- which although annoying in mid-May, is not unusual for Colorado.

Beloved snaps a picture of the price tag on a set of bunk beds

We are not only preparing to leave The Brown Bungalow, but we are lining things up for our new life at Magnolia Place in the Land of Flip Flops. 

The new house has been dubbed, "Magnolia Place" because we have a beautiful big Magnolia tree in the back yard and I am thrilled about it!

We will be living nearly 2,000 miles closer to our grandchildren, but still far enough away that they will need want to spend the night with us, so this past Saturday we went to our favorite furniture store and bought six sets of bunk beds. (Yes, 6!)  And twelve mattresses to go with them. 

The plan is to have a girls' dorm room and a boys' dorm room with the bunk beds divided evenly between the two.  When everybody comes to visit at once, no one will have to sleep on an air mattress or the floor.

The beds are scheduled to be delivered to us at Magnolia Place shortly after we get down there.

playing around with furniture

With the measurements of our new family room in mind, we've been working with new possibilities. We will have guests over more often, so more seating will be necessary.

sunshine through the shutters in the dining room
Although I've done much of our packing, I'm saving the glass ware and all of the kitchen for the moving company. I wonder if my eldest grandchildren will even remember the ceramic snack hostess set they made for me when they were much younger.

Here's a real handy tip
We have an analog television set that is not going with us to Florida. We had no idea how to dispose of it since the garbage truck refuses to take them. Beloved posed the question on our Next Door internet site and a couple of people said you can buy a box at Office Depot for $10. Take the box home, fill it with unwanted electronics and then take it back to Office Depot.  

Beloved did that today. What a relief to have that figured out!

kitchen table in the laundry room
That wasn't our only conundrum. We have a tall kitchen table with two chairs we intend to sell in our (second) garage sale. We got the table only so far en route to the garage this evening before we admitted defeat. Beloved removed two of the legs so we could get it through the doorway.

We tend to sleep pretty well at night. At this stage of things, the move is taking more braun than brains. 

the neighbor children's snowman on May 20th
We look forward to bidding the frosty snowman good-bye!


  1. We looked at a home for sale many years ago and the grandparents had two large "dorm" rooms set up with lots of beds for grandchildren! Hard to imagine you had snow on Sunday; love the snowman but I know you are looking forward to building sand castles instead! All the best to you.

  2. Oh to be your grandchild (smiles and giggles)...I bet you are fun grandparents, smiles.

    Almost there, Barbara, almost there. smiles

  3. 6 sets of bunkbeds! My goodness, that's a boatload for sure! But, how wonderful that you will be prepared for Grans to spend the night. Sounds like you have everything running like a "well oiled machine." Continued blessings on this BIG move.

  4. And that is why I could never live in Colorado! And I thought Maine was bad.

    Oh I adore children's old-fashioned "nurseries" a la Nanny McPhee. Your grands are going to flip! So cool...

  5. We don't miss the snow at all. LOL I love how you are being so methodical and thoughtful about your move. The bunk beds remind me of when we first moved to Florida. We bought two sets for one of the guest rooms and they were full many, many times. The first two years we had lots of company! It does slow down some and the little ones grow out of the bunk beds....we've been here nearly 28 years now. It's hard to even remember life in the north.

  6. Are you going to miss those mountains?? I know it'll be flat where you're going...I've lived where it was flat and am happy to be back North Alabama where the mountains are smaller than Colorado but still here and I love the trees, evergreen in winter.
    Mama Bear

  7. Wow! You are making some great preparations. What a great idea about the bunk beds. Glad you are able to sleep well after your hard work!