Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Guest Post from Surfer Girl

Today I am sharing a story written this past Mother's Day weekend by my daughter (also known on this blog as Surfer Girl). This is a memory I had long since forgot.

Daughter and mother

One of my all time fav pics of Mom & I. In the year 1992- I was 15 and Mom was 42 (wow-- I'll be 42 in about 2 years!!). All I really cared about at this age was dance and boys. 

I remember one night, around this age, Dad & my brothers were gone so Mom invited me to do some homemade beauty treatments with her (I believe she had a library book with recipes we were following).  We did some of the classics- like an egg/oatmeal face mask. It was fun. 

We ended the night with what was supposed to be a deep conditioner for our hair. Mom used the food processor to chop up parsley very finely, then we mixed it into mayonnaise. We massaged the gloppy mixture into our hair and let it sit a few minutes. Then we went to our separate showers to rinse the smelly stuff out. 

About 30 minutes we reconvened in the kitchen-- both complaining about how the slimy, yucky mixture wouldn't wash out of our hair!!! It was a horrible DIY fail!! But it was hilarious!! 

Thanks, Mom, for trying to connect with your teenage daughter and making a memory! I love you!!


  1. What a fabulous photo! What a fun evening shared.

  2. This made me smile!! What a great shared memory! I 'assume' that the globby mess did eventually get washed out!