Monday, May 8, 2017

Coming Up for Air

our garage sale on Saturday

This past weekend was the big garage sale. The day before that the photographer took snapshots of all the rooms in our house and the outside for the 'virtual tour' when our house is listed for sale. The day before that was spent with intensive cleaning and "staging" of our furniture, pictures on the walls, and yard work. In between all of that, we've been packing some boxes and have made countless trips to donation places. How did we accumulate so much stuff that we don't need?!!

We are two imperfect people trying to create a perfect house and that is not without strain, as those of you who have moved well understand. 

This morning, before our realtor arrives with the For Sale sign to plant in our yard and a lock box for the door, I am taking a few minutes to rest and refresh. 

During my quiet time of Bible study, I made a list of all the times the Apostle Paul began his New Testament letters with this desire for his readers:

grace and peace

I counted 17 (which included another author or two besides the Apostle Paul -- there could be some I missed).

In these verses I take "grace" to mean not only salvation for all of eternity but also enablement to carry out what God has called us to do. And He wants us to have peace in the process. 

When I feel the tensions that naturally come with this move, it is of great comfort to me to be reminded my Heavenly Father is not only looking out for me but also provides exactly what I need. When I trust Him, there is peace for me.

What a relief. It's God saying to me, "I've got this."