Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Attic Storage Question

The saga of our move to the Land of Flip Flops continues ...

In this high altitude climate with nighttime temps still hovering around freezing and fresh snow on the mountain tops, this girl wears socks with her hippie sandals well into June but that will have to change, of course, when we hit Florida. I've bought some flip flops and other sandals... and new nail polish.

one of my several pair of sandals purchased recently
at Kohls, if you are interested

Acclimatization to that strap between the toes on flip flops is kinda painful! Mary has suggested wearing them for just a few hours each day to allow the feet time to get used to it. 

I'm telling ya, there are adjustments to be made when moving to a totally different climate!

Then there is the matter of downsizing my wealth of silk flowers, china, hobby supplies, clothing, and so much more.  I spent much time yesterday going through our basement boxes, once again seeking to do away with just as much of the unnecessary as possible, re-evaluating things I thought I needed to keep, re-arranging the contents of boxes with the hope some of them could even be eliminated.

Look at all the empty space in our unfinished basement --
storage galore!!
I was nearing success but at day's end I fell short of my goal. So this evening I am giving the entire matter another critical eye. Tomorrow I hope to have broken down the matter even more.

You see, we have been blessed with some large houses built on top of generous basements where storage was most definitely not a problem. It is human nature to fill the space we have, so when we move into smaller quarters, serious decisions have to be made.

I am so wound up over this because twenty-some years ago we moved to the Land of Flip Flops (yes, we have lived there before for about a year) and the shock of too much stuff in a house lacking good storage did me in. We had a huge garage sale before we moved down there, but as we unpacked I realized we still had way too much stuff!!

We got rid of a lot (I thought) and still had to rent a storage locker for the excess. I don't want to go through that again. I want to discipline myself to get this right sans money spent for off-property storage.

Thankfully, I've still got the time to work it out, but my clock will run out in about two weeks.

Hey readers, I have a question for you. In our new house we have one of those pull-down ladders for access to the attic above the garage. That is large enough for storage, but shouldn't I be concerned about the heat, maybe things melting or discoloring, or getting moldy?

Surfer Girl has just emailed to say she stores seasonal things and folding chairs, but never any fabric. 

Since I know all about basement storage, dealing with a hot attic is foreign to me. If you have experience with storing things in a sub-tropical climate, please leave your helpful comments. I want to learn from you!


  1. The humidity will get to it...install a attic fan, while growing up--in the two homes my parents have owned --they have always installed a attic fan. Do not store fabric up there or Christmas items.

    I hear you about down sizing...we had a small A Frame house in Alabama with a shipping container for storage---we really got rid of things, only to move to a big house here in NY...funny, huh? lolol

    Love the sandals. smiles

    1. Thanks, Linda, for your input. An attic fan -- I had not thought of that.

  2. Our attic was well ventilated so mold was not an issue. We stored our fake Christmas tree and all of our decorations in the attic above the garage. No candles!! I learned that lesson the hard way! LOL The garage gets as hot as the attic above it (as long as you have ventilation up there). Lawn chairs can to up... Good luck!!

    1. Thanks, Terri. Another suggestion of good ventilation -- something else I would not have thought of on my own!

  3. Well, Barbara, in our old house I stored everything under the sun in our super large attic without nary an issue. I didn't store candles but that was pretty much the only thing. All seasonal decor, wreaths, blankets, and such. Never had an issue at all. It was well ventilated but it definitely got very hot in this Louisiana summer heat. My storage was easily accessible through the two upstairs bedroom closets. Just walked out from a door but did have to haul it up the stairs and I grew more than weary of that and also decided that falling was too big of a possibility. AND, that would be my concern with a pull down ladder. They can be so, so dangerous and especially if you are hauling items up the ladder. Just my opinion, but I think they are so unsafe at our stage of life that I would find storage somewhere else unless I was putting something up there forever. :o))

    1. Ah, the falling issue!! Soo important, and especially since I have a shoulder replacement as a result of a bad fall a few years ago.

      I really appreciate all the comments that are coming in on this subject!. Thanks so much!

  4. Say I am here to copy and paste one of your posts as a link to my Inspiration page. It's gone! It was a wonderful post about how you felt after falling from the countertop and wrecking your shoulder. Is it coming back? I would love to direct folks to read it. It blessed me so much and perfectly described how I felt through the month of May.

  5. Here's the link you requested:

    Thankfully, it's been nearly 8 1/2 years since my accident and I've lived to tell about it! (smile)