Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Movie Recommendation

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This past Saturday Beloved and I took in a matinee movie at our local AMC theaters.  We saw the big film in Christian circles this Easter season, The Case for Christ. It came out on April 7th.

Mike Vogel stars as Lee Strobel

The story is true, based on the book by the same title, The Case for Christ, by Lee Strobel. The primary plot is about an investigative reporter and legal editor for the Chicago Tribune who, as an atheist, has to come to terms with his wife's conversion to Christianity. He seeks to disprove her newfound faith by using his training and experience.

from the movie
The story of his research is dramatic as we follow his likable, ordinary family life through tragedy, highs and lows, and coupled with a sincere love for each other amid vastly different beliefs. 

Erika Christensen

Those of my readers who enjoy the Hallmark Channel may recognize the female lead played by Erika Christensen. Can one play such a compelling role and not be convinced of the film's message?

There are a couple of other faces known to movie-goers in the cast (look for Faye Dunaway), as well as at least two sub-plots.

The Plugged-In Movie Review gave this film 4.5 stars due to some scenes of alcoholism, but it is a family-friendly story and well worth making the time to see.

This is a good movie to see at any time, but especially during this Easter season. I hope my readers are able to get to their local theater soon.

movie trailer:


  1. Barbara and I strongly recommend this film. We enjoyed it!

  2. Thanks! I want to see this one too!

  3. I'm glad this movie is out. Praying that God will work through it to bring many to His saving grace.

  4. Thanks, I did see this listed somewhere, cant remember where...have a beautiful Wednesday, friend.

  5. Sounds like a good movie...