Saturday, April 29, 2017

More Than a Week Later ...

The last post was full of whimsey regarding our big relocation. Just a few days after that, Beloved and I boarded a jet and flew into the sunrise, after getting out of bed at 2:30am!  THAT was not whimsey. We drove in the dark to meet our flight.

We changed planes and continued our travel.  I wonder if you can guess our destination. I'll be dropping hints all through this post.

This was our first glimpse of a place we had never been but would be soon calling our new home.

We arrived in a glorious climate of clouds and sun, palms and flowers. Here's another hint: I'll be shopping at the same grocery chain frequented by Surfer Girl.

Near the top of our "To Do List" was to assure ourselves we could still enjoy our favorite restaurant.

The next day we met our realtor for the first time (in person) and began to explore the many options he had prepared for us, both new construction and re-sale homes. We had thought we would probably be building, but the timing and exact location were not working out. 

On the second day of our search, we found just what we wanted! We got the number of bedrooms and bathrooms we will need, a kitchen I can love, design/architectural features that give the place a charming personality and a forest just beyond the back yard! 

Um. One of our sons has congratulated us with the advice to buy some snake pellets .... spoken by one who knows.

Among those trees is a tall Magnolia (left) that produces those large beautiful creamy white flowers, and the very tall skinny pine trees that sway back and forth in the wind -- I love both. The pine trees are so tall I could not get the tops into the photo!!

I will refrain from posting snapshots of the aforementioned charm because I want to respect the privacy of the sellers who have some of their furniture staged for viewings. There will be plenty of time for glimpses inside the house a few months from now, after the sale is complete and we've moved in. But I will add, it is "move-in ready." Yay!

We did not have many days to spend on this trip, so as soon as the offer on the house was placed, we drove to the beach to see the ocean in person, with our very own eyes. It was a good distraction while we waited to see what the response from the sellers would be.

Here is my first sea shell -- the first of many. I am an addict when it comes to collecting shells during beach walks.

A well-kept palm tree is a beautiful sight, and especially when photographed against such a gorgeous blue sky. This is something we cannot see in the Rocky Mountains.

Per the recommendation of our realtor (who is a good guy and we can count as a friend), we had an early supper just a block from the ocean waves where we could gaze at more of those iconic palm trees.

More.... (bear with me, please).

This part of the country has a lot more water, (a lot!) than where we live now. The huge bridges are a fascination to those of us who have crossed many dry gulches in a semi-arid state.

Our offer on the house was accepted later that night, contingent on the sale of our current house in Colorado. The next day we returned to the house to take measurements. Then to celebrate we again went to the beach, this time on an island, just to walk about and collect more shells. Beloved, a former Boy Scout and therefore a very resourceful person, fashioned a container for the sea shells out of his white cloth handkerchief! 

I collected as many as I could until I remembered they would add more weight to my luggage as we flew back home.

Have you guessed where we are moving? Here's another hint: if you have flown into the international airport of this city via Southwest Airlines, perhaps you have seen this:

The trip was wonderful and productive. We flew home yesterday and this is what we have woke up to:

Yes, more of the usual "springtime in the Rockies." Actually, I snapped this picture about three hours ago. The snow continues to fall and another inch or so of the white stuff has accumulated since then. I think I'll have another  cup of coffee .....


  1. Congratulations on your next adventure in life! May God bless you and keep you...

  2. Oh how fun! We will welcome you to the South! Pretty home and so glad you found something that is move in ready. Magnolia blossoms are my favorite! It's been a long time since I've been to the beach - I enjoyed your photos. Your snow on the return trip home would not be welcome this time of year!!! Congrats.

  3. YAY!!!!! Jacksonville is a mere three hours from us and I just know we have a lunch in our future, once you are moved in and settled!! Congratulations and good luck with your move!!

  4. How exciting and can't wait to see the inside of your lovely home once you have moved in. Hoping it all goes smooth as silk!

  5. Giggling...I knew---as soon as I saw the bridge. I grew up in Ocala...anyways--how exiting and I can feel the happiness and excitement in your voice, Barbara. smiles

    Keeping you in prayer, friend.

    1. We thought about Ocala but decided to opt for Jacksonville instead. Yes, we are very excited. So thankful for how this is coming together.

  6. Very exciting! You will have so much fun with Surfer Girl! : )

    Big Blessings and a hug!

  7. No, I am clueless...California, Florida, somewhere warmer. 😎 Blessings on the sale of your home. Wonderful that your offer was accepted.

    1. Yes, Florida. Should I send you my winter clothes? Do you wear my size? (jus' kidding!)

  8. I am so very happy for you two being able to relocate close to all those precious grandchildren, and all those millions of shells!!