Sunday, February 5, 2017

Welcome to Great Nephew

Children are a heritage from the LORD,
offspring a reward from him.
Psalm 127:3

quilt for my newborn great nephew

The Lord has blessed Sister and Former Farmer with six granddaughters over the past several years. This past week their first grandson was born, so the joy continues! 

For reasons of privacy and security, I am not sharing photos of the newborn or his name but I can show you the quilt I made for him.

The feature fabric is a delightful scene of cheery bugs, turtles, frogs, and caterpillars from which I chose colors for the other materials.

machine quilting

After sewing together strips of varying widths to make the quilt top, sandwiching the batting between the top and the backing, I machine quilted "waves" horizontally by gently moving the fabric back and forth, criss crossing the lines for added interest and movement.

the back of the quilt

Recently I was explaining to Parakeet what quilters do when they run out of fabric for the quilt back. Either you return to the store to see if you can find more of the same fabric, OR  you use other fabric that you have on hand and piece the back together. That's exactly what happened with this quilt. 

folding over a corner to see the front and the back

This quilt was a lot of fun to assemble. The fabrics were a delight to work with because of their cheery colors. For added playfulness, I used scraps leftover from the quilt top to make the binding.

quilt label with personal information smudged out for
reasons of security

The label was easy and fun to make with the help of Googling cartoon clip art and a light box. This is one way that a quilter can "leave her mark" on the world, by signing her quilts!

This is one of the easiest quilts I've ever made, with no particular pattern to follow. I highly recommend this design for beginners or the very experienced quilters who may be short on time.

* * * * *
Arghhh! It has just been pointed out to me that the scripture verse on the label should read James 1:17 (not 7). 


  1. I wish you could see my grin, Barbara. Have a beautiful day friend.