Monday, January 16, 2017

I Spy ...

Bear awaits the arrival of children for Christmas

Many of the projects I make for others can't be shared on my blog until after they have been received by the recipient, which is why I am only now writing about a quilt made for one of my granddaughters in early December.

hand sewing the binding is one of my favorite parts of the process

For somebody who's made a baby quilt for all of her grandchildren and all of her sister's grandchildren, in addition to more for baby shower gifts (that's at least 25 or more over the last 17 years), I was surprised to realize I had no smallish quilts for my granddaughter's bed when she would be visiting from the Land of Flip Flops. I was like the plumber who fixes everybody's else's leaky faucets but the one at his own house!

I Spy quilt
You are familiar with the game that says, "I spy ..." and the child has to find what you are looking at and point to it.  An I Spy quilt is made up of many picture blocks for that purpose.

my favorite of all the blocks
The design is very simple, with sashing and cornerstones separating the picture blocks. I "stitched in the ditch" around each picture block, and used variegated thread to do free motion stipple quilting inside the picture blocks.

The best part of the entire project was watching
her play with it.
I am a strong advocate for putting a label on the back of all of my quilts. To paraphrase a famous quote by the late Maya Angelou, "People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget the quilts you made for them." Here is the label for the I Spy quilt, including a verse that has to do with looking around (I Spy):

I edited out names for reasons of security

This will be an especially productive year in my sewing room because my sister is expecting three new grand babies. I intend to
share with you the quilts for each of them after they have been delivered.


  1. I wish you could see my smiles...just plum lovely Barbara. Have a beautiful day friend.

  2. What a sweet project for your little grandgirlie. I had never heard of this kind of quilt, but now am wondering about the possibilities.

  3. It's a fun quilt to make, but you have to buy a lot of small cuts of fabric -- usually there is enough leftover to make more than 1 of them!

  4. So creative and fun!! Those quilts are blessings for all who receive them. I still have a quilt that was made for me when I was a baby. I have no idea who made it. A label would have been wonderful.