Tuesday, January 10, 2017


It is amazing and wonderful to see the great lengths the Lord will exercise for light to reach into the dark places of our lives.

That was illustrated to me this morning as the sun in the east hit our neighbor's house windows to the west of us. The light then bounced off their windows to shine into my dining room windows and all across to the east side of my house, hitting a quilted wallhanging in my study. It was as though the sunshine was boomeranging (is that even a word??) back and forth.  It was beautiful. If it had been a cloudy morning, my study would have been very dark.  

This illustrates to me how the Lord wants us to be aware of His goodness, the extent to which He brings illumination to our problems and discouragements. Anyway, that was the cheerful way this day began for me. 

Fun stuff: Today is the wedding anniversary for Sister and Former Farmer. I was her Matron of Honor.  Wow - a lot of water has gone under the bridge since that most happy day. The Lord gave them four children and six grandchildren, with three more expected this year!!!

More fun stuff: This past weekend I got to shop with gift cards from Christmas. I found these elf legs at Kirklands at 75 percent off. Such whimsey!

looks like the elf made a dive into my flower arrangement 
When I brought the elf parts home, all of our Christmas decorations had already been packed away. I left these out for the remainder of the weekend and then tucked them in with the Christmas tree for next year.

Cheesecake Factory's Santa Fe Salad

Yesterday Beloved and I had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory, using one of his gift cards. Sadly, I can't eat real cheesecake anymore due to my food allergies/intolerances, so I made my salad last through Beloved's entree and dessert. And that was okay because it was wonderful!!!!

Cheesecake Factory's Peanut Buttercup Ripple Cheesecake
I did feast my eyes on his dessert ...

one of the windows at Anthropology
After that fine feast, we waddled through both floors of the mall in an attempt to work off some of the recently-acquired calories. The window displays at Anthropology are always very enjoyable eye candy for me. 

a table runner in progress
Today's activities weren't as glamorous as yesterday... a trip to UPS to send my dear Vitamix blender to the factory for some warranty work, washing our bedspread at the local laundromat where they have BIG machines, and then some sewing in the afternoon.  

For dinner, I made the most wonderful chili from a new vegan cookbook, Superfood Soups by Julie Morris. It was delightful stirring the thick bean mixture in my black cast iron Dutch oven over the gas flame -- such a homey feeling on a winter's evening. The new recipe was fragrant, hearty,  and delicious.

In so many ways, light prevails in this cold season of winter. Thank You, Heavenly Father!

* * * * *

As you may have guessed by now, Joyce is taking this week off from the Hodgepodge.  We expect to have a new slate of questions next week.  

So long for now!


  1. I use my ironware quite often, smiles...your posts are always a delight. smiles

  2. A very pleasant read. How wonderful that God cares about us and allows us to know that He is really very near, even in a discussion of light. You are sweet to watch your hubby enjoy his dessert while you eat your salad. Elf legs! Have never seen them for sale. =D

  3. Loved your description of the sun shining through your windows. Neat! And, the elf legs are just too cute, what fun they will be. And, that cheesecake looked delicious but so did your salad. Happy rest of the week!

  4. I sure enjoyed this post!! Love the quilt pieces laid out. That will be so pretty when done! Shopping with gift cards is so much fun! Love the elf legs and I really like Kirkland's too. Happy Thursday (writing this late Wednesday night).