Saturday, January 21, 2017

Getting My House in Order

Gift from The Cook on Fifth Street
[mischievous smile] No, my dear readers, I don't have one foot in the grave, although my title today might lead some to wonder. I've been literally getting my house in order after the chaos of allowing the snow people to take over after Christmas. 

kitchen dishtowel

They are not packed away just yet, but the lit evergreen garlands, pinecones, and that beautiful, nebulous goldie cheesecloth stuff has been taken to the basement. 

I don't remember what the gold stuff is called...
The silver and teal balls remain... they still delight my eyes so!

cameos of some of the players
This year I took individual snapshots of the snow people, much like taking school pictures for the yearbook, because once they start leaving their posts on January 31st, they cannot linger lest they melt! 

snowman quilt, embroidery, and tree with frosty balls hanging by silver ribbons
The snowman quilt came down today because although it's one of my handmade treasures, it doesn't quite hang as nicely as I'd like and by this time in January I have grown weary of its imperfections. 

copycat Currier and Ives dishes
The plate rack with snow scenes will stay up until the end of February or May (which is when the snow really stops around here).

winter candles in miniature mugs
Other knick knacks of winter remain, too, until it's time to bring out February decorations.

table runner with the Charming Barbara soup tureen
In the last couple of years, I've added to my seasonal collections with handmade items. Last year it was the aforementioned snowman quilt. This year it was this table runner that combined the colors of the aqua, teal, and silver Christmas balls hanging from the chandelier with the chocolate-colored table cloth and the beige upholstery of the dining chairs and place mats.

one of our newest residents refuses to leave the table after dinner!

By the way, I've said many times that quilters should always make a label for the back of their projects. This past week in my church quilt group, Bonnie shared how she embroiders her name on the back of projects she will be keeping for herself, when perhaps a detailed label is not really necessary.

hand embroidery following the stitching lines of free-motion quilting
I thought that was a great idea and made that my hand project while watching the presidential inauguration and parade yesterday.

updated breakfast room: then (on the left) and now (on the right)
The snow people theme has not been the only focus of my attention this week. We also decided to switch out the furniture in the kitchen breakfast nook using our black table and chair set that matches the black kitchen cabinetry.

I know you are admiring that white trash bag over one of my sewing machines --
it's a dust cover!!

AND as if that wasn't enough, after much deliberation, we decided to move the guest room furniture back up to the main floor (from the basement) and to combine my sewing room with my study (no small feat, I must admit).

In the closet of my study-sewing room, our builder made this funny little niche that was good for nothing more than storage of long curtain rods. Beloved pulled out his tools and one morning this week while I was away from the house, he built these nifty shelves for me! I use them to store a number of things, most especially boxes of greeting cards for all occasions. I love it!

We have yet to move the bed up from the basement to the 'new' guest room, so I've got no pictures of that to share with you yet.

Other than that, 'my house is in order,' and it feels really good!


  1. So today, Jan 21, we brought the guest bed up from the basement and installed it in the upstairs guest room. Now, dear blog author, NO MORE MOVING THAT BED UP/DOWN STAIRS! :)

  2. I'm looking forward to having my new house in order! I do remember how good it feels! Can't wait to hear that your guest room in done!

  3. {{{grinning}}} No more moving furniture, I agree, Tom. Beautiful Barbara...have a lovely day and thank you for the smiles.

  4. Well, you should feel very accomplished! Don't you just love it when your "ducks are all in a row." I am working hard to keep our new house in order and not allow any accumulation of "stuff." I clean out regularly and drop off at the Thrift Store. It's such a good feeling. Everything looks nice at your house.

  5. Those end shelves in the closet look very space sense in wasting anyplace that can be used for storage. My inside world still looks a lot like the outside world except I could not resist the bouquet of carnations when I was out today. I figured I could buy chicken or carnations. Carnations won!