Saturday, January 7, 2017

Food for the Soul January 7

frosty close-up of the [artificial] dish garden on our deck table
January 4, 2017

Some of my blogging friends have shared a special word they feel is their focus for the new year. I have pondered this and concluded my word needs to be "trust." 

With the reading I've done and observations I've made about people and life in general, it is apparent to me that we all need to rely on the Lord more than we do. We were designed by our Creator to trust Him. The physical body functions so much better when we believe God loves us and is working out the details of our lives with perfect purpose in mind -- even when things are going terribly awry from our perspective.

Conversely, when we fret, stew, and keep ourselves awake deep into the night with our worries, we are going against the design of our bodies and doing ourselves actual harm.

Irritable people behave out of fear. When we are afraid we are not trusting God with our problems and therefore we are agitated, short-tempered, angry, and definitely not pleasant company. 

I have seen this in myself many times. It's just the way humans behave when we fail to trust God. We may say we are relying on Him to take care of [whatever the issue is]; but when we are testy, that is an indication we need to release our troubles to Him more fully. 

So to conclude, my word for 2017 is "trust."

'Trust in the Lord 
with all of your heart
and don't lean on your own understanding."
Proverbs 3:5


  1. Oh very.

    Have a beautiful day friend...

  2. Amen! So hard, but so needed.

  3. You have chosen a great word!! That is also a wonderful scripture!

  4. Great word, I've had a word the past 2-3 years but didn't adopt one this year. Good thoughts on trust!