Thursday, January 5, 2017

Decorating with Snow

a gift from The Cook on Fifth Street several years ago
Christmas is past and all the decorations have (as of yesterday) been securely packed away in the basement.

But, boo-hoo! After all the color and sparkle of December, January can be really blah, and especially when we've got a freezing forecast...

the massive snow storm we have today is the white area on the weather map
A few years ago I began holding the snowmen back from my Christmas decorating. When that holiday was over, I called them forth to add some pizzazz to the dreary winter month of January.

Snowman quilt
Last year I whipped up this blue-and-white Nine Patch quilt, embellished with silver snowflake buttons, for the dining room.

Jim Shore snowman atop a wool felt candle mat
Also last year, I made this wool felt candle mat, improvising from a pattern in a magazine.

dining room chandelier
My regular readers will remember my Thanksgiving decor included copper-colored balls dangling from the chandelier, then in December my Christmas decor included red balls.  I just love that look, so Beloved bought one of those huge plastic canisters packed with 50 aqua and silver/white balls for my January decorating scheme. 

dining room year 'round pencil tree
The chandelier has about 13 of the balls, so the rest ended up on the tree in the corner and along the top of the china cabinet.

the dining room in January

I'm hoping to find some time to make more snowman accents this month, such as small embroidered pieces ...

a snowman pinned to a curtain
From my growing collection of snowmen, here are they are:


We are making the best of a cold, dreary season .....

... by decorating with snow!



  1. ....and here, I thought I was the only snowman person around (hubby said "freak" but I didn't want you to think I was calling you that, giggling)

    Have a beautiful day friend...waving to Tom.

  2. What a fabulous idea! Maybe if I try decorating with snowmen in January, we might actually get winter weather! We rarely get snow but it seems these days we barely get wintery cold either. I like my winter weather and I miss it!

  3. What fun!! Snowmen seem a little weird in Florida, though I do have a few that come out with the Christmas decorations. Love all of yours and just know you house still looks festive during dreary January!

  4. They're so cute that they will cheerfully get you through January! I like your little winter tree in the corner.

  5. Happy New Year, Barbara! Your January Snowmen decor is so cheerful. I have an entire interest board devoted to snowmen as I like them so much. I was a big Frosty the Snowman believer when I was a child--I always hoped the snowmen I made would come alive. I would have made one today, but Colorado snow is too

  6. I like snowmen too, they are so cute. I'm trying to incorporate some of them in just winter decor and anything else that would be that fairy-tale feel as I don't feel like things are so empty-looking. White lights on my back porch may help me a bit.

    Like your ideas and your hubs idea too of the pretty neutral ornaments. Why not? : )


  7. Years ago hubby was collecting Santas and I was collecting snowmen for our December decorating. Three years ago it became apparent that we didn't have room for both the Santas and the snowmen. So, I did what you did and saved the snowmen for January decorating. They sure brighten up our winter days!