Thursday, January 12, 2017

A Delicious Teaser

Butterscotch-Hemp Crispy Rice Treats

In this post I am going to do something terrible -- I will tell you all about a wonderful new recipe I found without sharing the actual recipe (due to copyright laws).

Recently I mentioned here on my blog that one of my desires for 2017 is to be a better cook, more comfortable and accomplished with preparing delicious foods that work well with my intolerances to gluten, dairy and eggs. 

With that in mind, I have already been very proactive in this new year with my attempts to make that happen. I started out with the purchase of a book by Julie Morris titled Superfood Soups.  After studying the recipes and making her very flavorful vegan Chili con Nieces (page 180-181), I was sold on this author and wanted more of her books. 

A couple of days later I came home with two more of her titles, Julie Morris's Superfood Kitchen, and Superfood Snacks (with the help of a gift card from Barnes and Noble). She also has a book on Juices and another on Smoothies. I spent nearly two hours in the bookstore flipping through all of these books, trying to narrow down my purchases to the ones I thought I would use the most. (Superfood Kitchen had some overlap to the book on smoothies)

Ms. Morris is an accomplished chef who's focus is "superfoods" -- ingredients that are heavy on nutrition and lacking gluten, dairy, and eggs.  Admittedly, some of the requirements are things I've never heard of before but many of them I am finding pretty easily in my local health food store/whole food markets. She also says they can be ordered on the Internet. I don't mind. At this stage of my life I have the time to enjoy such a challenge. It's like a new hobby!

This evening I made her version of the Rice Krispie Treats recipe we have all seen on cereal boxes. When I fed one to Beloved and asked what he thought, his exact words were, "There's nothing about this not to like." And then he asked for another!

drizzling on the non-dairy dark chocolate
Whereas the original recipe has butter and marshmallows, this revised version has maca powder, ground cinnamon, hemp seeds, almond butter, pure maple syrup, coconut oil, vanilla extract, and non-dairy chocolate (the latter is optional but I included it).

It was easy to prepare -- easier even than the original recipe that gets hard to stir with the marshmallows as the mixture cools. 

I look forward to sharing more of my cooking adventures with you from Ms. Morris' recipes.  This book, Superfood Snacks, has chapters on "spoonables," crackers and crisps, spreads and dips, energy bars and bites, candies and chocolates, cookies and pastries, frozen treats and kid snacks.

If you are looking for some adventuresome, nutrient-dense cooking ideas, I recommend these books by Julie Morris, perhaps starting with this one:


  1. Oh those look fantastic! So glad that you have found some treats that cause you no harm.

  2. Thanks for the recipe book review and the photos of your delicious rice krispie treats! Yum!

  3. Oh man...I'm allergic to anything almond, sad to say...hemp??? As in hemp--like cannabis??? Just wondering...I have seen "hemp" this or that around lately...smiles

    1. Linda, your question about hemp and cannibis is a good one. Also, since I hail from Colorado where marijuana is legal, I need to address this question.

      Both marijuana and hemp originate from cannibis but they are not the same thing. Marijuana has very high levels of THC, the chemical that gives a "high" while hemp is extremely low in THC.

      Hemp has been developed genetically to be useful for industrial uses such as oil and topical ointments, as well as fiber for clothing, construction, and more.

      Also, eating hemp seeds will not make your lab test positive for marijuana.

      My sources for this information are as follows (and they are many more if one Googles "Are hemp and marijuana the same." Thank you for your question, Linda.

    2. Here are my sources:

  4. Hey, lady, you are amazing. So happy you found the cookbooks to be a help to you. This dessert looks wonderful.