Sunday, December 11, 2016

Tweaking Christmas Decorations

wreath in the family room
I must be losing it. This wreath hangs in my family room all year long. I change out the florals with the seasons. It's been a week or so since we finished decorating the house for Christmas. 

On Friday I realized I had completely overlooked this primary focal point in the room -- it was still showing off bright yellow silk sunflowers! 

Walmart had a wonderful bush of poinsettias with gold-tipped leaves, red and metallic gold balls, and a pine cone or two. I used needle-nose pliers to cut the elements apart, removed the sunflowers and tucked the Christmas pieces in-between the branches of the grape vine wreath. Ah! So much better.

... and yes, I know the winterberries are sticking out in a wild manner and drooping. I like that tousled look. Beloved isn't so sure about it, but he lets me make the final decisions in most decorating matters, so it stays as it is.

The Brown Bungalow
Another oversight on my part: the absence of red bows on the porch garland.  Today I corrected that and I am amazed what cheer some touches of red can create.

My last topic for this post is regarding our Christmas cards. With the exception of a few people on my list who don't work with the Internet at all, we send all of our cards out via email.  I also have a website that I devote solely to our Christmas newsletter, sent to select people only.

Our church encourages the members to bring their [paper] Christmas cards to the foyer where the cards are arranged alphabetically for people to pick up and take home -- saving postage.

Beloved and I are sending our cards to our church friends via email and now I'm sharing it with you as well. I designed it with my Printshop 2 program making it into a small jpg file so it comes across the same way a single photograph would show up in an email.


  1. Great idea for the wreath, changing it with the seasons. The red bows definitely add cheer to the greenery on the railing. Lots of churches have started with the Christmas cards, a great idea. Happy new week!

  2. I like your garland on the porch railing with the festive red bows. It's a great look. It's fun to rework wreaths and spruce them up for seasonal displays. Saving postage is always a good idea.

  3. A lovely Christmas card! Very creative!! The bows on the porch garland do make a huge difference! I like the "wild" look of your wreath. Festive!!

  4. I've been putting red bows everywhere this year--they certainly add a nice cheerful touch to decorations!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!