Monday, December 26, 2016

Still Celebrating Here

beautiful lights at our neighbor's home

Today's post is a little of this 'n that. We are still celebrating Christmas here.  Santa plans to stop by here twice within one week.

Son and daughter-in-law went to the Christmas Eve service with us and we followed that up with dinner here and a gift exchange. 

Christmas Day we spent quietly at home, needing solitude after a busy and stressful holiday season. It was peaceful until we turned on the Bronco/Chiefs game that evening -- awful. But moving on...

Guess what I got for Christmas?

A red bike! Yes, for me! I had asked for a bike on my Christmas Wish List and Santa came through. But if you look closely, you see that it's sitting on the coffee table. Today Beloved climbed the ladder and put the bicycle above our kitchen cabinets.

I have a little collection going up there. This is all I plan to have. I like the simplicity of the bicycles silhouetted against the tan walls.

While I'm on the subject of gifts, neighbors gave us this cute set of beverage coasters:

I've been been pondering the truth about how "Bad Decisions Make Good Stories."  Yes, that's true and I could tell some stories on myself... but not today.

I said we are still celebrating Christmas. Surfer Girl and her family are flying in tomorrow for a few days. These people who wear flip-flops daily are coming to introduce snow to the grandchildren. 

We've had great hopes to go sledding with the kids. However in spite of our -3 degrees below zero and blinding snow with ice a little over a week ago, we now expect sunshine and highs in the 40s and 50s for their visit.  We now proceed to Plan B...


  1. We are having 40* weather here and the snow is worries, we are expecting that winter storm by the weekend.

    I enjoyed your photos, a belated Merry, Hearty Christmas to you, friend.

  2. We have the AC back on here in central Florida. It is hot and humid. You might think it was September instead of December. It sure sounds like you have had a great Christmas holiday season, with more fun to come!!

  3. We have all been having some temperature swings. The weather seems to be quite bipolar this year. Ha! I like your red bike!