Saturday, December 3, 2016

Finishing Touches on Christmas Decorations

Beloved's study tree

This is my last installment of blog posts about my Christmas decorating. Today we start off in Beloved's study. He's got his own tree filled with ornaments that family and friends have given him that reflect his hobbies, interests, and career.

A fish, of course!

A seat at Sports Authority Field at Mile High

Beloved has never been to a live Bronco football game, but he is most certainly a fan.

Leaving the study, I'll give you one guess as to which room has these quilted Christmas stockings.

stocking pattern inspired by Eleanor Burns of
Quilt in a Day
When our Christmas guests arrive, these stockings will be in the way, so I'll take them down. But in the meantime, they are a cheery touch in a rather unusual place.

a large quilt on a wall in my sewing room
Moving on now to my sewing room, I use a quilt on the wall as a bulletin board of sorts. I pin notes to myself, patterns I'm working on, and during this season of fun, Christmas ornaments.

an ornament by Mary Engelbreit

handmade in about 1990
This is Ruthie Reindeer. I made her years ago with long cinnamon sticks for arms and legs, felt, and small twigs for antlers. The antlers fell off and I haven't got around to replacing them. She's a little too long to hang on the Christmas tree ... 

a window above one of my sewing machines
provides good light
... so I find other convenient places for my little friend.

sparkles in a corner
Now we are in the master bedroom. A lit Christmas tree adds a bit of magic that I enjoy.

Mistletoe suspended from the ceiling fan is a fun accent, too.

purchased at Michaels just a few weeks ago
This brings my series of posts to an end on the subject of Christmas decorations.  Of course, Christmas is so much more than the pretties we display, but they do help to spread cheeriness and fun as we celebrate the most important birth to ever take place.


  1. Find Joy in Jesus. I LOVE that! Thanks for sharing your decorations with us!! It so fun that your hubby has his own tree!

  2. Feel free to change your mind! 😊 I have enjoyed seeing your decorations and I think it is cute that you have mistletoe in the bedroom. You have many fun and meaningful ornaments!

  3. {{{Big, Big Smiles}}} I just love what you have been sharing. Speaking of mistletoe, I wonder where ours went...hmm...

    Have a lovely Sunday friend.