Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Thanksgiving Table

... I go and prepare a place for you...
John 14:2

Recently I wrote about sewing cloth napkins for my Thanksgiving table. Vee put a comment on that blog post, asking if I would be sharing my table scape with my readers. Of course. I'm so glad she asked.

how to make cloth napkins:

Since the big day is yet to come, and we've got a birthday to celebrate before then, I can only show you a preview of the holiday table plans.

The last couple of years I've used a rusty orange, brown, and white color scheme. Beloved likes it, and I do, too. The plates are a tone-on-tone design in white by Pioneer Woman of Food Network fame, purchased from Walmart. 

Last year I bought only four plates (don't ask me why) but this year I will need more, so when I went to Walmart to buy them, would you believe the stores I checked had a different design, still white on white?!  I was unhappy my original plate has apparently been discontinued, but the color and size of this year's version was the same, so I'll use both at my table. Unless I bring it to the attention of my guests, they probably won't even notice. Besides, my silverware is mismatched, too.

I don't remember the story right now, but a few years ago I needed more knives or something, so I bought them ala carte and decided the mismatched look was "flea market" or "shabby chic" or some such.

I do like the mismatched look, to an extent, as long as it doesn't look like we are still living on a college budget... (smile)

gravy boat with attached saucer

Both plates will be complimenting the china that The Cook on Fifth Street gave to me this past summer. For those who didn't see the story I wrote about that set of dishes ... she has had them since I was about fifteen years old. 

My family was transferred several times with cross-country moves and at one destination my mother was horrified to discover the packers had not taken proper care with all twelve of the dinner plates. Every one of them was broken beyond repair.  She never did replace them and for many years (when it was practical) has used the large-ish salad plates for dinnerware. (You see who taught me to be adaptable.)

soup tureen

The pattern name of this Bavarian china is "Charming Barbara," so I always sort of thought the dishes would be given to charming me some day. When we were packing them for the 900-mile road trip to my house this past summer, my mother mused that perhaps I could find the dinner plates on the Internet.  Yes, I have seen them, but given my liking for mismatched things, I will be putting Charming Barbara with Pioneer Woman dishes on this year's Thanksgiving table and it will be lovely, if I do say so myself!

copper Christmas balls for Thanksgiving

One of my favorite aspects of the table scape are these eleven copper-colored Christmas balls hanging by narrow chocolate-covered ribbons from the dining room chandelier. I use them just for autumn and Thanksgiving, not in December. But they do sort of segue my decorating into Christmas.

As for napkin rings, the centerpiece, and other froo froo on the table, I will probably keep it simple this time and let the steaming serving bowls and platters feast the eyes and stomachs. 

I look forward to seeing the table scapes of my readers -- please remember to take pictures and share!


  1. All the shades and tones of browns and creams are so rich and speak beautifully of November and Thanksgiving. Your table is lovely and I like the combinations of china and silverware.

  2. I like the copper balls hanging from the chandelier! Your table will look beautiful!

  3. I loveeeeeeeeeeee it Barbara!!! Hubby is wanting me to use the china in the cabinet this does not use rose china for Thanksgiving, sorry...(wink)

  4. Really pretty Barbara! Love the brown ornaments, they remind me of my grandma's appliances in the early 60s. The slightly mismatched look is wonderful and homie.