Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Changing of the Guard

the greeting at my back door

It's Wednesday night and we have just come home from the weekly prayer meeting at our church. Our leader this evening chose to lead a discussion about beliefs of the pilgrims and some of our country's founding fathers. As you can imagine,  that led into some comments about how ideals have changed. 

But I won't go into that in this blog post -- I'd be just "preachin' to the choir" with most of my readers. 

I will say that the presidential election turned out as I had hoped and prayed it would; but like many voters, I was surprised with the outcome. My conclusion as I fell into bed sometime after midnight was that God's people took Him up on His admonition in II Chronicles 7:14, to humble themselves and pray so He would bring blessing -- and He was doing exactly that.

While neither of the top candidates ran a clean race and there was an embarrassing amount of verbal slime thrown back and forth, the platform that represented some basic moral issues won.  Now we need to continue to humble ourselves before God.  We pray for our new administration's discernment, wisdom, and courage, along with a teachable spirit regarding how to be 'presidential.'

But I'll go back to the subject of pilgrims. While I was not blogging over the past week, we had the 'changing of the guard' that always happens around here as we flip our calendars from October to November. 

The pumpkin and scarecrow people begin their trek back down to the basement storage box...

... while the pilgrimage of historical characters made their way up the stairs in anticipation of Thanksgiving Day later this month. 

The two groups met each other en route and stopped to exchange pleasantries. 

After that time of fellowship concluded, the October people completed their journey to their storage box while the Pilgrim people received their assignments and dispersed throughout the main floor of the house.

Also this past week I was blessed to spend time in the sewing room doing some appliqué and re-acquainting myself with free motion machine quilting. 

I haven't done much of either since I broke my shoulder nearly 8 years ago. It was thrilling to discover that I can still do it. I intend to get better with practice.

While times will continue to be hard in the political world, we must be careful to give our minds a rest with pleasant diversions -- or we will go nuts.

the afternoon sun in my dining room


  1. Beautiful Barbara....the changing of the guard around here is a little slow...I did notice the pilgrims (someone let them out) are on the dining table. I guess they got tired of waiting, smiles.

    As for the election...I am going to use the term lightly, but the "snowflakes" on campus, are being offered therapy to deal with Hillary not winning, honestly. What a sad, sad world we live in, friend, that folks can't or don't want to deal with issues...I think it all goes back to not being raised in church, just my thoughts.

  2. I always love your posts about the changing of the guard! Makes me smile, so thank you!! I am horrified that there are protestors burning our flag and becoming violent because Hillary lost. A prime example of what the last eight years has done to this country. We must continue to pray. I love the light in your dining room! Just that perfect ray of sunshine can give one pause to contemplate all that is good in the world.

  3. What a sweet blog entry Barbara...Darling!

    I am very happy with the election results! It hasn't been this good since 1920! Thanking the Lord! : )

    May we lift our country up in prayers... May Roe vs. Wade be overturned among other things. I was very happy to hear about Trump's prolife coalition. We need to pray for him sure enough.


  4. Your stairs look darling with all of your critters and I like your Pilgrims, too.