Saturday, November 12, 2016

Returning to Normal and My Take on Things

Thursday night's dinner
As the election dust settles (not that it really has), I am seeking to get things back to normal... not sure that is possible. The world our nation is still in a great flux with the protestors.  

Why is it that people have to march the streets to make their point? Why can't they all blog??? I know the answer to that. It's so easy to ignore blogs but we have to take notice (re-route traffic, call out the police, etc) when protesters resort to the streets. THAT gets noticed.

Anywhooo, my vote was on the winning side this time and for that I am thankful. Not that all is perfect, oh, far from it. We are all sinners and need God's help to get anything of worth accomplished. 

By the way my Beloved, who is also a very wise man, commented this morning that our President-Elect is in the midst of a transition period-- a time that is rocky most of the time for anybody who is embarking on a new job.  The liberal media wants to blow out of proportion every little thing he says and does in a negative way, so don't take too seriously what you are hearing. 

Yes, I'm kinda wondering about some things, but again, this is a transition period. Continue to pray.  Remember our instruction from scripture:

First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people, for kings and all who are in high positions, that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way. This is good, and it is pleasing in the sight of God our Savior, who desires all people to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.  I Timothy 2:1-4

Forgive me, I keep trying to climb down off of my soap box and get on to simpler things...

The picture at the top of this post (I'll repeat it here, in a smaller size)...

... was our dinner on Thursday night. It was a ham steak with a chicken gravy, boiled carrots (with pure maple syrup and butter), and a quick little salad of chopped apples, celery, a light sprinkling of celery seed and combined with a gluten- and dairy-free mayo (Vegenaise manufactured by Earth Island), the best one I've found thus far in the fakey-mayo department. Just a simple homey meal enjoyed in the early-darkness of evening with my Beloved. 

Of course on the heels of the elections came Veteran's Day. We both sent out text messages to one of our off-spring who has served us all very capably but prefers to not have pictures posted... God bless our military people all over the world. 

"Thank you for your service."

Sister posted a great photo of our daddy from his brief time in the Navy...

He was only 17 years old when this was taken and the war ended shortly after that. My understanding is that he was one of the youngsters who managed to get signed up and sent out before he reached legal age, giving his mother a few gray hairs when she learned about it. (and I wonder where my kids get their head-strong ways?!!)

I really dropped the ball and could NOT find the great head-shot photo of my Captain in uniform from his Air Force days. (It's here somewhere...) So this is one from his ROTC days, shortly before he was commissioned as a second Lieutenant.  We were newlyweds attending a military ball on his university campus:

Yes, we were just kids; yes, Beloved used to have hair; and yes, I made my dress! And note my over-the-elbow gloves!! Those were the days of glamour! 

Our time in the Air Force was only 6 years, 4 of that spent in South Dakota where he was a missile launch officer. The Captain decided he wanted to see what he could achieve in corporate aerospace. The rest is colorful history. 

By the way, one of the several underground capsules where he worked is now a national historic site! 

So it's Saturday morning now. I am bringing this to a close now so I can do more "returning to normal." The washer and dryer are busy, the dishwasher will be soon, and I'm hoping to do something decorative with the breakfast table light fixture.  We'll see.

May we continue to pray for each other, all the while watching to see how our gracious Heavenly Father leads us through everything.


  1. All of us need to remember that SPOUSES of military members also sacrifice to support that military member during their service. Many missed holidays, absent partners, stress, etc are born by the spouse as well as the service members. Thanks to my wife for her support during my service. PS - Isn't she a good looking lady in that picture!!

  2. Thank you Tom for your service. And yes, Tom, she was and still is, just saying, smiles.

    That meal looks so good, Barbara. Have a beautiful day...btw, the Pilgrims are very happy sitting on the dining room table now, and there are some other Thanksgiving items out and I managed to decorate the dollhouse for Christmas. Hubby gave me that raised eyebrow, smiles & giggles.

  3. I love your dress you made! How cute you both are! Your daddy's shot is adorable. : ) God bless our veterans!!!! We love them over here...OUR HEROES!!! Jem and I just returned from the fabulous Pacific War Museum, we need to go back to see the rest...It was our second time and didn't even see it all. Admiral Nimitz was the man.

    May we lift our great country up in prayers, things are looking up! And may the snowflake 'children' grow up for pity's sake. They need a good spanking. And may the protestors terrorizing get their just treats. It's interesting as many times as we on our side have been disappointed in an election we have never seen anything like this 'protest'. Have you seen the video of the little child being kicked out of his home because he voted for Trump at school in a mock election?! The sheriff's department has become involved! Have people lost their ever loving minds!? Shameful.

    You take care now,things as a whole are looking up, some really neat people are being placed in some great positions as I'm sure you agree. : )

    You sound like you have a cozy little home there. : ) Blessings!

  4. Why can't they blog indeed! That comment made me grin. (Probably because blogging doesn't pay as much $ as they are receiving.) I really appreciated your comments and words of advice.

    Seventeen?! Good heavens. My father forged his mother's signature to get into the military along with eating bananas to gain enough weight. I never wonder where his progeny gets their rebellious ways either. ; D

    Adorable couple! Those were the days, my friend.

  5. You are so right that our prayers need to continue as President-elect Trump begins his transition. Love the photo of you and your hubs all dressed up and I agree that those over-the-elbow gloves were quite elegant. I had a pair too and felt SO grown up wearing them to prom.

  6. Prayers indeed for our country! Many are scared.

    You and Tom look very sweet and young in your wedding portrait. Doesn't it seem like the years have flown by so quickly?

  7. Wow, y'all look as much like kids when you were married as we did. How funny! My mom made my gown and I still have it. We need to be faithful in prayer for our new President and all of his staff. I truly believe great things are on the horizon!