Monday, November 14, 2016

Pinterest to the Rescue

Creativity has bit me of late and I'm having a blast with it. The light fixture above my breakfast table is plain but we don't feel like putting serious money into a replacement right now. 

So I visited Pinterest, doing a search for decorating chandeliers. I wanted something that is simple, kind of "primitive," most definitely "country," suitable for year 'round, and a design I could create with very little money.

Here is the design I found:

from Pinterest
And this is the light fixture above the breakfast table:

I had already added the grapevine wreath when I snapped this photo
I needed something round to rest on the arms supporting the light globes, so a trip to Michaels resulted in an inexpensive grapevine wreath. With just a slight amount of stretching of the wreath, I got it over the 3 light globes and was delighted to see it rest level.

Some red winterberries were found in my basement storage box collection of silk and artificial florals. They were perfect to lay atop and entwine a bit with the branches of the wreath.

Then I drew a heart pattern to make the heart pillows suspended from the wreath, per the Pinterest picture.

Studying the Pinterest photo, I saw that the hearts were elongated, so I took my cue to draw a longish hearth.

 tiny buttons help secure the raggedy ties to the hearts

Homespun is my favorite decorating fabric. My sewing room has a fair amount of homespun scraps, which were transformed into 3 hearts, stuffed with polyester fiber fill.

Beloved broke away from his Alabama football game long enough to surprise me with a bowl of Kettle Popcorn.

Raggedy strips were cut and sewn onto the dip in each heart, secured with a tiny little button (too tiny to photograph well).

Crystals drop from the wreath in the Pinterest photo, but all I could find were small ones. However, even small ones can bring some sparkle.

I needed a sepia-tone, old-fashioned post card which of course, I did not have.  

My computer and Google helped with that. I went to Google Images and typed in something like "old-fashioned winter post card." The first picture on the screen was perfect.

Using my Printshop program, I created a post card, front and back.

Clear, wide packaging tape gave it some gloss and stability.

After a couple hours (the length of a Saturday afternoon Hallmark Christmas movie) in my sewing room, the project was done!

all done!

Yes, the hearts are bit lumpy but that's part of the charm of 'homemade,' right?



  1. I love this Barbara! I may have to try some of this too. : )


  2. Oh that looks marvelous! You were inspired and created something just as delightful. It just makes me grin and I imagine that you do, too.

  3. Wow!! Very cute and I'm impressed with your creativity! Usually my Pinterest projects (and recipes) don't turn out well at all! It looks great!