Thursday, November 17, 2016

Gettin' My Jingle On

Our first snow of the season came today, breaking the long dry and unusually warm weather we've had for many weeks. It was 80 degrees in Denver yesterday and then the temperature plummeted and the snow began to fly! Yesterday we had summer for supper, and then today we had autumn for breakfast, and winter for lunch!

Late in the day I was able to do one of my very favorite things when there is snow falling outside ...

... spend time in my sewing room! And per the little red sign hanging at the window, I was "gettin' my jingle on" by working on some holiday-related projects.

There will be five of us sitting at the Thanksgiving table next week, but I noticed I had only four cloth napkins. So today I was able to whip up more napkins, for a total of 8 (since that's the number my table will comfortably seat).

To make cloth napkins, I get 4 per yard of fabric, each cut 18 inches square. I turn the raw edges under twice on each side and stitch them up.

This fabric is 100% cotton so the napkins can be machine washed and dried very easily.

Cloth napkins are economical and just a nice homey touch we've enjoyed for over twenty years.

My next project, also completed today (this evening, actually) was these patchwork hearts suspended in clear plastic ornament balls. This was an idea I happened upon in a library book:

It was a fun little project that definitely comes under the category of "gettin' my jingle on" but making two is my limit. I want to make some candle mats next.

I used some scraps the other day to make this prototype  and also to practice my free-motion quilting techniques on the beige checked parts.

Beloved has been "getting' his jingle on," too.  Last night after the sun had set, while the weather was still pretty warm, he wanted to experiment with our Christmas lights.  

The last time he played with them was a month ago, at sunset, but this time it was completely dark, so we were better able to tell what the laser lights will do for us. He had to put a stake into the ground to hold the laser unit.  We figured it would be best to plant that stake before the ground freezes -- given today's snow storm, he got that task done just in time!

With all that said, we won't put up any Christmas decorations until the day after Thanksgiving. We are firm believers in honoring the day of thanks before getting caught up in the whirlwind of Christmas.


  1. Oh Barbara...I wish you could see my smile...and hear my giggles..thank you so much...looking forward to the snow here on Sunday-Monday.

  2. Ha! Well I am going to string some lights along the fence this afternoon while it is still warmish so there'll be a marriage of Christmas and Thanksgiving.

    Since Thanksgiving is so close to Christmas, we all need to get our jingle on! I like your rich, brown Thanksgiving napkins. Are you going to share your tablescape?

    What a wild 24 hours in the weather department. That is quite a swing!

  3. I so agree with you about waiting until Thanksgiving is over for the Christmas decorations! Yes!!

  4. Oh, there will be no Cmas decor around here until after Thanksgiving either. I'll probably start next weekend. Love the napkins! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!