Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Christmas in the Dining Room

the copper and chocolate-colored balls are in the top right photo;
the red Christmas balls are on the left and bottom right

Today as I continue with my series of seasonal decorating posts,  I'm sharing pictures from the dining room of The Brown Bungalow.

I very much enjoyed the copper and chocolate-colored balls used for Thanksgiving, but that holiday has come and gone, so I replaced them with red balls suspended with a very narrow gold cording.

This is a salt and pepper set, although I've not filled them yet. It remains to be seen if they are as functional as they are cute!

Last year at this time, I had high hopes to make a lot of wool felt projects in 2016.  Well, that hasn't happened, but I did complete this snowman mat in January.

This cast iron stove sits in a corner of the dining room. Since we are blessed with a furnace, it's just for show. The Cook on Fifth Street gave this to me some years ago after it had decorated her home for a long time.  The flowers, of course, are silk. I love having green foliage and switching out the flowers as the seasons come and go.

dining room chest of china
I don't remember what the gold stuff is called, but it looks like stiff cheesecloth and comes in many colors. It comes in a long roll and is a delight to use on fireplace mantels and the tops of furniture because it bends and twists so gracefully. You can find it at places like Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Lowe's and JoAnn's.

I combined it with evergreen garland, white lights, and a red poinsettia garland. You just lay it all out and then play with it, tucking and pulling out in whatever way looks best. It's fun to work with.

Surfer Girl gave me 5 of these stuffed reindeer from
Pier One Imports about twenty years ago
After the lights, garlands, and "cheesecloth" were arranged, I added individual smaller things, such as these reindeer.

our Angel tree
I've written in previous years about the wonderful Christmas window display we used to enjoy at The Denver Dry Goods department store. They had a huge tree covered with angel ornaments. At the base of the tree was the nativity and then streaming along the window were the shepherds with their sheep heading toward the manger scene.  Behind them were the wise men. It was a stunning arrangement that made a lasting impression on me. 

This Angel tree in my dining room is my pitiful attempt to re-create what The Denver Dry Goods store had done. (sadly, they went out of business years ago)

the angel near the top, just under the star
Vicki gave me a very country-style wood star that I love to put at the top of our Angel tree.

the Holy Family at the base of our Angel tree

We have maybe 20 angels on the tree of various shapes and sizes, and with a variety of musical instruments. I still add to the collection when I see an angel I like.


I especially like this one because Beloved took accordion lessons when he was a school boy.

My last photo for today is of a chest on the opposite wall of the dining room. I keep a black-and-ecru table runner there (made by Grace as a house-warming gift three years ago) and top it with casual black-and-burlap picture frames from Walmart. 

The brass candle stick is really the base to a lamp that is no more. I removed the electrical cord and put a candle atop it. I never burn the candle -- I just like the look. (I don't use candles much anymore except for the battery-powered electric ones, which are so much safer). 

A large glittery bow is pinned to the [working] lamp on the left and at its base is a candle ring from The Cook on Fifth Street. It's made up of pine needles, pine cones, a rusty bell and some burlap tucked in there.

The glittery gold star by the pictures of my grandchildren is a tree ornament.

This concludes the tour of the dining room with its Christmas decor. The table will look really good when the holiday dishes are set at each place, but that picture will be in another post.

Stay tuned! Friday's post will feature the family room.


  1. I sure needed to see happy things, thank you the red balls hanging from the light...smiles

  2. You are so creative with your decorations! I love what you have done and look forward to seeing the family room! Your chandelier idea is fantastic! I've been trying to figure out a way to make that work in my dining room. Hmmmmm.....

  3. Oh it all looks marvelous! The angel tree really is wonderful.

  4. Oh I love that gold cheesecloth, the way it waves and rolls! I may need to look into that, it would be so versatile. Your home looks not only well decorated but peaceful and homie as well.

    Great ideas Barbara!


  5. I believe that "cheesecloth" is a type of tulle. It is dandy stuff and adds so much when decorating. Everything looks so lovely and festive. I hope to post pictures of my little bit of decorating next week.:o))