Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Christmas Decorating - Hallways

wreath on door to the basement

Today I'm continuing with the second in my 6-part series of blog posts with my Christmas decorations. The previous post had to do with the problems Beloved and I encountered with outdoor decor. Today my focus will be decorations in our hallways.

As you will quickly see, none of what I am sharing is expensive or particularly dramatic. But perhaps these simple ideas will spark imagination for my readers.

snowman table runner - store bought
While I wish I could take the credit for this cute snowman table runner, I cannot. However, I can take credit for kinda messing it up! I brought it home from the store a couple of years ago and discovered it was too long for all of my tables. I did not return it because it was so cute. I thought I could alter it (make it shorter).  When I did that, the seam was so bulky that it didn't look good.  

However, this year I found a good use for it by draping it over the back of the church pew in our hallway. 

some of my friends
Surfer Girl gave me the boy and girl bears dressed in red velveteen. They spend eleven months of the year stored in a box but in December they come up from the basement and brighten any spot where they sit. Boy Bear's coat looks like something from Santa's wardrobe.

Santa Claus by Jim Shore

Beloved gave me this Jim Shore Santa Claus a few years ago (it was on my Christmas wish list). It is embellished with quilting designs and this piece looks festive wherever it's placed. This year Santa is on top of a pie safe in the entry hall.

umbrella stand
This music-themed wood umbrella stand was on sale at Hobby Lobby about ten years ago. I never use it for umbrellas but love to poke bunches of silk flowers in it, changing them out seasonally.    Those floral bushes on sale at Hobby Lobby with seasonal colors are good for this. These silk mums may not be especially Christmassy, but since they are red, and with the addition of a sparkly ribbon bow -- it looks seasonal.

Christmas card by Mary Engelbreit

This Christmas card has been one of my favorites for a long time. I framed it in brass and set it out every December. This idea can be used for any favorite Christmas card. 

florals in stair landing to the basement

You might never guess where I got the base for this floral arrangement. In our last house when our deck was under construction, the cement guy used these long cardboard tubes to make the foundations for the deck support posts. This one was leftover and put into the trash -- until I grabbed it. 

I sprayed it with a beige textured paint.  It's perfect for standing in a corner to hold florals. I keep the green plastic Springeri in it year around and then change out the flowers according to the seasons.

antique corner shelf

On the same stair landing as the previous picture, in the opposite corner, is this antique corner shelf from The Cook on Fifth Street. She bought it when I was a little girl and refinished it with a greenish antique paint. 

She gave it to me a few years ago. As you can see, it's a great way to display small treasures. The bottom two shelves hold patriotic pillows now... I hope to sew some Christmassy pillows to replace them before this season gets past me.

stockings hung in the hall

Last Christmas I sewed new stockings for those in my family who usually spend the day with us. Although they would look wonderful  hanging from our fireplace mantel, we don't like to do that because they get so hot from the fire. (chocolates melt!!) So we hang our stockings on a coat rack in the hall near the fireplace. 

By the way, although there are lots of patterns out there for stockings, Beloved told me that he wanted the stockings to be large enough to easily slip a DVD or CD into them. So I made that my rule of thumb. 

Tomorrow I plan to participate in the weekly Hodgepodge, as is my habit, but I'll still tuck in some Christmas decorating pictures to continue my theme for this week. See ya!


  1. Love it!!! No hallways in this old house, Barbara, but we still decorate (smiles)--have a beautiful day friend.

  2. Barbara, you are so creative with 'ordinary' things! I love how you decorated the bench and all those corners! Can't wait to see more!

  3. Oh, so warm and welcoming! I have streamlined my decorating in the past years but I'm happy with it. I grow weary with taking it down, even though my storage now is extremely convenient. I'm still tweeking some things and will post pictures when I get it "just right." Happy week Barbara, wish I could stop by for a cup of coffee and a visit.j :o)))