Sunday, November 27, 2016

A Week of Christmas Decor - Troubleshooting

the front door of The Brown Bungalow

The Brown Bungalow "got its jingle on" this past weekend. The pilgrims were sent back to basement storage and Christmas began to show up.  I've decided to spend this week blogging pictures of our decorations, with today being the first of six posts. 

Don't expect anything spectacular - we are just ordinary people with fairly simple taste. 

Outdoor decorations, in particular, can present problems if they are to look tidy for the several weeks they are on display in wintry weather.  Maybe our solutions will be helpful to others.

decorating the maple tree
We had The Brown Bungalow built a little over 3 1/2 years ago, so some of the landscaping still needs stakes to withstand our strong winds until they gain maturity and strength. I'm hoping passersby will overlook the wood stakes with these large glittery balls bobbing in the breeze.

the Holy Family
We have noted over the last few years that finding decor to illustrate the real meaning of Christmas is pretty hard to find; so when we happened across this statuary at Lowe's, we brought it home for the front porch. 

We had a Holy Family a few years ago that was light-weight and  blew off the porch several times. After a couple of weeks of that, during one especially harsh storm, it blew down and broke so it could not be used any more. This set we have now is heavy. Beloved also positioned it against one of our stone porch pillars so the prevailing winds are blocked (somewhat).

Beloved has a spotlight on the Holy Family, which looks really good at night, but my camera couldn't capture the effect very well in the darkness.

We also have a laser light with the floating stars on the front of the house, and that, too, did not photograph well at night.

the porch pot
The Snapdragons, Vinca Vine, green onions, and Potato Vine have stopped producing, so glittered floral picks and a green wreath keep the too-heavy-to move pot from looking bare during the cold winter months.

Regarding the evergreen garland on the porch bannister, we had to tie it down on the rails and also at the bottom of each loop. Before we figured that out, the garland repeatedly blew over the top, making things look unkept.

the front door wreath
We have a full-length glass storm door that is beautiful yet problematic when I want to hang a wreath. Unless the wreath is really flat, it won't fit between the house door and the storm door. 

A wreath hangar does not fit properly over the top of the storm door (we've tried several). With those factors in mind, we hung our wreath on the perpendicular wall beside the door, but that lacked curb appeal and wouldn't you know it, those strong winds lifted it right up off the hook and blew it down!

This year we are using an outdoor Command Hook on the outside of the storm door frame and then used fishing line to suspend the wreath at the height we wanted. So far.... it's working well.

our welcome committee
Porch Puppy sits outside the front door year 'round. For Christmas he gets a gold garland collar and a Santa hat. He sits on an inverted ceramic crock since he is small and tends to get lost beside our 8-foot tall front door. By the way, he was an impulse purchase at Lowe's garden center a couple of years ago.  He is heavy and doesn't move around unless I pick him up.

the back door wreath
We live on a corner and the street beside us goes down a hill, so our back door, deck, and yard are on display for all of the neighbors.  Unfortunately, our builder put the light fixture too close to the back door, so decorating with a wreath is challenging. It's hanging with twine and also, because of our nemesis the wind, blows around a lot. I've decided that perfection is over-rated. This is just the way it's gonna be!

the back of The Brown Bungalow

This is the view people have as they drive past our house, heading to the intersection, so you can see why we felt we should provide them some eye candy during the Christmas season. I strung the icicle lights on the railing while Beloved chipped ice off the deck floor.  Look closely and you can see some of the laser spots of light on the siding (center of house). 

We have 2 of the laser units and found that if you pay a little more, the satisfaction is greater. They are all the rage this year because many people (like us) want lights without having to climb ladders to hang them.  Around here, the Homeowners Association requires lights to come down no later than the end of January, but with snow and ice on the ground at that time of year, the requirement is dangerous!

The next post will feature indoor photos. Be sure to come back!


  1. Awesome....we were looking into one of those laser things...but alias, no place to put it...with the neighborhood kids, and the houses, sidewalks, street so close together...sigh...

    Have a beautiful day friend.

  2. We just got a laser scatter light over the weekend. I don't want Joe up on a ladder anymore and he finally agreed that it is easier to put a stake in the ground! It looks great! Love your decorations and especially the Holy Family!