Monday, October 24, 2016

Weekend Wrap-up Photo Journal

ready to deliver

In the spirit of journaling, today I'm posting pictures from my weekend. Our ballots for the election arrived early last week, so Beloved and I promptly set aside some time one evening to study and mark our ballots and get them into the mail. Done!  

I won't tell you exactly how we voted, but I will say we voted for the platforms represented and not because we favor certain personalities. God knows our heart.

Saturday we did some gardening, pulling up and cutting back of plants in anticipation of winter's snow. I didn't take any snapshots of that activity because it was enough to get used to breathing with one of those white paper masks over my nose and mouth.  Since we are both recovering from colds (well, I am, anyway), we thought it best to protect ourselves from the dust and pollens we were stirring up.  

I say I'm recovering, and I am. However, Beloved is still beset with a bothersome cough from his bronchitis diagnosis. He intends to call the doctor today for a check on that.

Saturday afternoon I left Beloved at home in front the the Alabama football game so I could wander about the mall. Recently our Apple store moved two spaces down into a much larger place.  I was delighted to find this in its former location:

Christmassy and winter home decor items in abundance!! While I did not spend a dime in there, I'd love to go back another time and show my support for this business. 

The Brown Bungalow plans for Christmas

At dusk on Saturday, Beloved pulled out our new Star Laser set to see how it looks on the front of the Bungalow. I snapped this picture but since the sun had not set yet, you have to use your imagination to even see the myriad of tiny red and green laser dots that are flowing all over the front of the house. It's much better when the sky is dark. (note: the link I've provided is from Bed Bath and Beyond for $39.95.  We bought ours at Walmart for $25)

We decided that since we both have joint replacement parts,  we need to avoid climbing ladders and working around icicles to hang Christmas lights. This laser light show calls for one stake into the ground and one extension cord trailing from the porch outlet out to the unit. 

presenting flowers

This weekend my church had the wonderful distinction of honoring TWO couples who have been married sixty years. In the morning worship service I attended, a bouquet of flowers was given to one of the couples. When our pastor asked them what was their secret to success, they replied having the same religion and just being kind to each other -- those two factors made the difference.

decorative grasses

Sunday afternoon Beloved grilled steak for his lunch and salmon for me. We took a short walk in the neighborhood, not too long since we didn't want to get Beloved's cough going, if possible.

Now this morning as I contemplate a new week, I'm enjoying some photos from Martingale Publishing in an email they send out about 5 days a week. Their work inspires me!

Aunt Bea quilt and pin cushions using
the same block pattern as the quilt
Stepping Stones quilt pattern

Have a good week, everybody!


  1. The quilts are lovely. One of these days I might give quilting a try (with a sewing machine - not by hand). Sure hope you both continue to improve and get back to 100% feeling good! I like the Star Laser. Might be a good alternative to Joe climbing the ladder putting up lights this year. It really is too much on 'older' bodies. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Keeping your hubby in prayer...that bronchitis is nasty. There aren't any outside outlets here ---so no putting up outside lights, however, the windows do get decorated from the inside.

    Good for you son will be voting for the first time and he is eager to cast his vote. smiles

  3. Very wise not to be climbing about...I have not given much thought to Christmas decor for the outside, though I should. I don't want to be climbing in snow and ice either.

    That shop looks like fun. Don't wait too long! Things get snapped up quickly this time of year.

    Thanks for voting! Feel better soon...saying a prayer right now.

  4. Hi Barbara! I enjoyed my little visit here, oh you must have been so excited to see that fun little store in the mall, I also enjoy those type of stores, so fun and so cozy looking.

    Oh yes, voting has started, I agree. The platform is truly so important. : )

    I'll have to look up that link, and see. I don't blame your and your husband for not wanting to climb up, Jem has even hired someone to put up gutters for the same concern.

    I hope your husband's bronchitis heals up soon and the coughing will go away. That cough just loves to hang on right? Have you tried a little Bragg's apple cider vinegar to break things up?

    Your church sounds very sweet, how nice. Kindness is so important at home especially.

    Have a wonderful day Barbara! Blessings!