Monday, October 31, 2016

Waving Goodbye to October

Redwork embroidered pillow
Ahhhhh! Sigh! Finally, November is just hours away.  Now if we just had some snow...

Grandson #4 as a Transformer

We always breathe a sign of relief when the candy bowl empties and we can turn out the lights, officially signaling the end of Halloween.

Granddaughter #5 as Little Lamb

With a couple of very minor exceptions, the Trick or Treaters were mannerly and we got a lot of "thank yous."  That part is okay.   We also love seeing the costumes of our grandchildren on Face Book. 

It's the zombies and goblins that I have no use for, along with the haunted houses and witchy shows on TV. Good riddance. 

If any of our grandchildren lived nearby, October 31st would be different for us but they all live way beyond the Mississippi River.

Our Halloween was one of the warmest on record here in the Rocky Mountain West.  Usually the kids have to figure out how to wear their costumes over heavy coats due to the cold, and sometimes, spitting snow.

This year we gave consideration to just sitting on the porch to hand out the candy, but we didn't. (all those scary creatures out there can be frightening!)

Our last afternoon in October found me in the sewing room, putting the finishing touches on a piece of redwork embroidery. It's a small pillow of Mrs. Snowperson hanging candy canes on her clothes line.  She's taken her place in the laundry room.

Laundry room (aka my needlework gallery)

Now to focus on the lovely aspects of autumn with beautiful table settings, wonderful food, good people, and an attitude of thankfulness. 

And the elections.  

Well, just a week more and the voting will be over.  Only the Lord knows what will follow that -- I pray the count of the ballots is overwhelmingly clear and that we can move on with no violence or problems with "hanging chads" and such.

Welcome November! Let it snow!

a hand-painted pin from a craft show


  1. While I normally welcome November 1st and its "hunker down" weather, it's the 9th of November I have my eye on this year. I simply cannot wait for this darn election to be over. I cannot wait for the phone calls and mailings to cease. Sigh....

  2. I hear you. I am not a fan either. But what an adorable little lamb! Cute idea for a costume for sure.

  3. That little lamb is just adorable! I have never cared for the scary, witchy side of Halloween either. I'll be glad when next Wed. arrives and we can get on to the next phase of this election. Blessings!