Monday, October 17, 2016

This 'n That Yakkity Yak -- Don't Talk Back!

me in my sewing room this afternoon

Sometime in the past I think I used this same title for a post but it's probably been long ago enough that I can get away with it again.  

Times are so strange right now -- not telling my readers anything they don't already know.  Not to worry, I won't get into politics today. What can anybody say that has not already been said, except maybe a sincere eyeball-to-eyeball, "I am so sorry. I have said and done things that were clearly wrong. I have offended many. I regret it so much. Can you ever find it in your heart to forgive me?"

Nope. That's not going to happen. And even if it did, most of us have become so cynical that we wouldn't believe it.

Anyway, there is life besides politics. I'll yak a little about my day and then call it a night. 

Beloved and I have both been pitifully sick with colds. His is actually bronchitis with all the coughing that goes with it. Mine is just a lot of nose-blowing and getting up at night to deal with all the fluids taken in during the waking hours.

Along with the usual cold remedies, I have found that preparing a cup of hot water in the microwave (tea bag is optional) and then cupping my hands over it so my nose inhales the steam does wonders for the sinuses. Then sipping the VERY HOT liquid soothes the throat like nothing else. 

A grateful prayer has been whispered every time this simple procedure has eased the discomforts of this cold.

Over the last two days we have taken some short drives in the car, just to get us out of the house into the sunshine. That has been helpful, too.  We have had to miss church and back out of a dinner invitation so as to not spread our germs, so short rides in the car have brightened our spirits.

I've been able to spend time in my study and sewing room and dozed through some TV shows.... but one of the most special delights was texting with Grandson #4.  When he gets his homework done in his after-school program, if he has time on his hands before his mom shows up, he has discovered he can text us.  We love it. He initiates it all on his own!!

Today he said this to Grandad (aka Beloved):

#4: So, how's retirement going? Keep in mind this is a 9-year old.

G-Dad: It's going very well. Thanks for asking. I get to do pretty much what I want to do. How is school going for you this year?

#4: Good why don't you go skydiving.

G-Dad: Well, buddy, Grandad is just a bit old to go doing that sort of anything. Actually, I never wanted to skydive. What would you most like to do?

#4: I always wanted to visit space and go scuba diving...

And so the conversation went on from there. Just cheery guy stuff between the two of them. Warmed my heart. It really did.

Well, this is it for today's Yakkity Yak. We need to turn off our televisions, pray for our nation, and get back to enjoying the family and friends around us. Our God has got this. 


  1. Well amen to your final paragraph. Anyone who puts much faith in the media is just begging to be lied to, especially with all the revelations of this day.

    Love the conversation your grandson was having with his granddad. May such conversations continue!

    I love essential oils for colds, especially Thieves. Praying for you guys to feel better asap.

  2. I agree, Hillary should look eye to eye with the public and apologize for bleaching emails not to mention showing mercy to the poor parents who lost their precious kids in Benghazi, taking up for her husband's disgusting immorality (rapes) protecting and laughing about the rapist who raped a 12 year old while she was in law practice and all the other lies upon lies to get into the White House. The media black-out is frightening.

    Have you tried squeezed lemon juice and grated ginger in hot water for a tea? I'm sorry you are not feeling well, it's that crazy time of year. And your husband has bronchitis? That is horrible. I hope you both get well soon, we have holidays coming up! : )

    Your grandson sounds like a delight! Him texting you and your husband is sooooo precious! That speaks volumes.

    You take care now, may we hold our country up in prayer and not grow weary.

    A hug

  3. Sure hope you both start feeling better soon! I found TheraFlu worked great for me last year. There is something about that heat that really does soothe the sore throat. What fun to text with your grandson!!

  4. `you own a very beautiful generous heart that i see in your lovely writing dear.heartiest best wishes for both of you to get well and feel better to enjoy your sweet world ,family and friends .
    your grandson is very intelligent and has a curiosity for the space hopefully his dream come true one day