Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Who Are You?

my lunch box  with a homemade mixed bean salad,
grapes, and brown rice crackers

With this post I am wrapping up my articles about the ladies' retreat at my church this past weekend. 

On Saturday morning of our retreat, a young woman from the Navigators Ministry (based in Colorado Springs), led us in a thorough interactive Bible study exercise regarding decision-making, which was very good and focused on the importance of seeking God's wisdom.

At midday we were given lunch boxes from Kneaders Bakery and Cafe which had half a sandwich, a fruit cup, a bag of chips, and a scrumptious-looking brownie.  Since I am gluten-intolerant, I knew ahead of time to bring my own lunch. The box I had paid for  with my retreat registration was saved for Beloved's supper that night; he absolutely loved that brownie!

The afternoon speaker was a local radio talk show host who shared with us many insights regarding her career with radio, government service, and teaching at Colorado Christian University. She spoke at length about the many resources she reads to prepare herself for the weekday radio show, encouraging us to educate ourselves on the political issues as we prepare for the elections in November.  Of all the sources she listed, it was her opinion that CNN will give you the best "center left" views, and the Wall Street Journal will give you the best "center right" views. She tries to avoid the "fringe" sources on both the right and left. 

One last item I want to share with you is a questionnaire we were given to help us get better acquainted with the other ladies.  You might want to keep this list to use sometime with your gathering of friends. I have it below, with my own answers.


Favorite book (besides the Bible): 
Heaven by Randy Alcorn
Best Vacation: 
Princess Cruise of Alaska's Inside Passage
Go to comfort food: 
Favorite movie:
My Blue Heaven with Steve Martin 
What famous/non-famous person would you like to have lunch with?
It's a tie with Beth Moore and Priscilla Shirer. 
How many times have you been engaged?
Where would you like to take a vacation?
I'd like to ride the Canadian railway through the Rockies with a sleeper car and meals in the dining car
What age did you become a Christian/Believer?
Age six
How many states have you lived in?
Ten: Oklahoma, Oregon, New York, California, New Jersey, Colorado, South Dakota, Alabama, Virginia, Florida (and British Columbia, Canada)
How many foreign countries have you been to?
Two: Canada and Mexico
What was your childhood nickname?
I didn't really have one
Do you like coffee or tea?
What is your favorite Bible study?
Joseph in the Old Testament book of Genesis
What pets do you have?
None right now, but in the past I've had a couple of mixed-breed dogs, a Boxer, a Great Dane, a Beagle, a Basset Hound, and 2 Cocker Spaniels (for whom I still grieve)
What is your favorite color?
dusty rose
What is your favorite song?
the Doxology
What is the most dare-devil thing you have done?
I rode in a  Remax hot air balloon at my kids' elementary school carnival. It was secured with ropes the entire time, but we did rise several stories straight up and then came back down again. (don't laugh. Not everybody is cut out to be Evel Knievel)

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  1. I did chuckle at your last answer! That rail trip through the Canadian Rockies has always been on my back-burner bucket list too. Your bean salad looks really good!!