Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Time to Decide

Decisions: what to wear

... continuing with the weekend ladies' retreat.

As stated in my previous post, the theme for the annual ladies' retreat at my church was "In Focus, Decision Making."  Did you know that the experts say the average person makes about 35,000 decisions every day?!! (when they asked me, I said "Ten."!!)

Decisions I make every morning begin with how to style my hair, clothing choices, what foods to put into my morning smoothie, and it goes on from there. Those decisions are pretty easy (although I'll be honest in staying I do stress about them from time to time). 

For the more weighty determinations of life, here is a list of questions we might ask ourselves:

- have I prayed about this decision?
- is this in line with biblical principles?
- who will this affect?
- how will this affect them?
- is it an improvement?
- is it practical?
- is this the correct time to make this decision?
- how much will it cost?
- is the cost reasonable?
- how much time or effort will it take?
- do I have all the facts to make this decision?
- will the decision glorify the Lord?
- have I sought counsel about this decision?
- what are the alternatives to this decision?
- am I trusting God with faith about this decision?
- do I have peace about this decision?
- will this decisions hurt me or others spiritually?

These questions are great when we have the time to ponder all the ins and outs of the matter. Sometimes we don't have time.

Oddly enough, on my way to the Saturday morning session of the retreat, I encountered a dilemma that gave me no time -- I had to just react.

I was driving the speed limit on the Interstate with a pick up truck about five car lengths ahead of me in my lane when a very large piece of cardboard rose up out of the truck bed and blew straight toward my car.

I had time to whisper, "Lord, help me!" and then the cardboard crashed right into my car, apparently on the front grill work. I could not see it in my rear view mirrors, so at first I didn't know exactly where it was.

Traffic was on both sides of me, so I continued driving straight ahead in my lane. Shortly after that, a man in an SUV came alongside me on the right side and motioned for me to pull over to the shoulder. I was able to safely do that -- obviously other drivers had seen what happened and slowed to allow me to maneuver to the shoulder and bring the car to a stop. As I did that, the cardboard blew away to the side and behind me, lost to my sight forever.

I got out of my car and inspected it on all sides, thankful to see no damage at all. I was able to continue my drive to the church and all was well. My prayer for help was answered!

It is wise to turn over in our mind the options before us with decisions we have to make, not rushing into anything when at all possible.

But when an immediate determination is required, we need to always cry out to our Lord before we do anything else.

I cried unto the LORD with my voice...
Psalm 142:1

Post Script: One of my blogging friends, Terri, author of  Your Friend From Florida, left a comment on my previous post, hoping I would provide the answers to what the Coast Guard says we need if we are shipwrecked and/or stranded at sea.  Here is what I wrote down.  (There could be some mistakes on my part, so please keep that in mind): also note that a pack of matches should be in the list somewhere, like maybe #2???

1. a shaving mirror (for signaling)
2. a can of petrol (to burn as a signal)
3. a water container (to catch rain water -- can't drink the ocean water)
4. emergency rations
5. a waterproof sheet (protection and for collecting rain water)
6. some chocolate bars
7. a fishing rod (for fishing and/or hoisting a sail)
8. a rope 
9. floating seat or cushion
10. shark repellant
11. a bottle of rum (to dull reality? no, to burn, again, for a signal)
12. a VHF radio
13. a sea chart
14. a mosquito net
15. a sextant


  1. Thanks for posting the list. I would not have thought of most of those! Who knew. Thanks for posting your experience and testimony on your drive to church. It's good you pulled over and let the cardboard fly off the front of your car. It was probably blocking the air in-take and could have caused problems for you had it not dropped off. Praise God always!!

  2. I knew that mirror would be helpful! What a harrowing time you had on the freeway! I am so glad that The Lord got you safely through. Praise Him...