Sunday, September 18, 2016

Lost at Sea in Denver

centerpiece at ladies' retreat 

This past weekend was taken up in large part with the annual ladies' retreat at my church. The women's ministry team opted to have all the sessions at our church and we each went to our own homes to sleep -- a cost-saving measure that probably resulted in more participation. (I was not attending this church last year when the retreat was held at a local hotel, so I have no basis for comparison) 

popcorn table - deciding which flavor to eat
(one of the first decisions of the evening)

I liked it because I am well past any love I had for slumber parties as a kid. I don't know the final head count but it was about 60 gals seated at 9 large round tables in our multi-use-style worship center.

white cheddar popcorn

The theme was "In Focus, Decision Making." 

On Friday evening we munched on a variety of popcorn flavors and chocolates while playing an ice-breaker game with many decisions. We were hypothetically stranded at sea with a list of 15 items we had to number in importance for bringing about our rescue. 

Sweet-n-Salty (kettle corn)

First, we ranked the items personally, then with our table-group, and last we were told how the Coast Guard listed them in order of usefulness/importance, and why.

nearly naked, plain, popcorn

Would you like to play?  Here's the list:

a mosquito net
a can of petrol
a water container
a shaving mirror
a sextant
Emergency rations
a sea chart
a floating seat or cushion
a rope
Some chocolate bars
a waterproof sheet
a fishing rod
shark repellant
a bottle of rum
a VH radio 

caramel corn be continued.


  1. I'm thinking that mirror is going to be very important. The chocolate bars not so much. Sounds like a fun ladies' event.

  2. What a fun "game"...hoping you give us the answers next!! :) The flavored popcorns is such a great idea! Nice turnout!

  3. I've got the Coast Guard's opinion on this in tomorrow's blog post (Tues. Sept. 20). Thanks for your comments!