Sunday, August 14, 2016

Waking From Troubled Sleep

Cosmos in my back yard

The grass withers
and the flowers fall,
but the word of our God endures forever.
Isaiah 40:8

This is so true. The beauty of our summer flowers is vibrant today, but all too soon, the cooling temperatures of autumn will start moving in and those delicate petals will wrinkle up and fall.

So much around us is temporary. Beloved came across a cartoon recently that said, "It came to pass. It may  pass like a kidney stone, but it will pass." We want some things to pass while we wish other circumstances would never end.

We can depend on God and His Word to never pass, to never desert us, to always be our refuge, our instruction, our healer, to bring us hope and joy. 

The alarm clock went off this morning while I was having a disturbing dream. It took a few minutes for the sleepy stupor to wear off so clearer thoughts could take over. Years of walking with Christ have taught me to grab onto scripture as soon as possible when trouble tries to reign in my mind. 

While it would be ideal to sit down with Bible in hand to read some favorite Psalms, practicality dictates that I first rub the sleep from my eyes, visit the bathroom, and pick up my glasses.

There is always time for prayer, a quick one at that, asking the Holy Spirit to minister to my jumbled thoughts. He brings a phrase or a verse to my mind that begins to smooth down the ruffled feathers of my mind, speaking sense and comfort. 

Trust in the Lord with all your heart,

lean not on your own understanding, 
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He will direct your paths.
Proverbs 3:5

I have loved you with an everlasting love;
I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.
I will build you up again
Jeremiah 31:3-4a

When we call on the Lord in our distress, even during the unsettling first moments in the morning, He is already there with us, ready to respond to our needs.

Yes, the flowers of summer will be fading in the next month or so, but God's words of blessing are always available to us.


  1. I saw that cartoon the other day, smiles...and I too woke up from a disturbing dream. Hope your unsettling start of the day subsides and you have a beautiful day, smiles.

  2. You have given us several beautiful reflections to ponder this morning! Hope the rest of your day is blessed with peace!

  3. Amen... and so true about the necessities of taking care of this human body before settling down to read The Word. It's not possible to live in that hyper spiritual realm given that we deal with these containers of ours. LOL!

  4. Great thoughts! Yes, the flower fades and the grass withers but the Word of the Lord stands forever. PTL!