Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Fly Fisherman

Beloved begins a day of fishing at Eleven Mile Canyon

One of my favorite pastimes is watching my husband fish. 

For years he liked to say that a bad day fishing was still better than a good day at work. Well, he's retired now and so he doesn't need to say that any more.

spying a trout in the water from the bridge  above

We are enjoying getting to fish in the middle of the week, when it's much less crowded at the streams.

Beloved in his get-up always reminds me of a song
You've heard the song, 

I see by your outfit that you are a cowboy, 
I see by your outfit that you're a cowboy, too! 
We see by our outfits that we are both cowboys.  
If you get an outfit you can be a cowboy, too!

Although my hubby is not a cowboy, I always think about that diddy when he gets all his gear put on and readies himself to wade the stream. 

fishing below the bridge
Since he saw a trout hanging around near the bridge, that was his logical first place to cast his line.

Uh, where'd he go?!
But as all fishermen know, dressing the part is not a sure pathway to success.

moving on upstream

Flyfishing is not a sport for the lazy. You have to stand up to cast the line, and when a spot brings no results, you move on, either in the water, or alongside the bank.

looking for an opportune spot to re-enter the water
Although Beloved is not an old man, he is learning to be more selective about traversing the streams. Moss and uneven rocks can make him slip and to fall into the drink!

casting his line

At the same time, he does enjoy the freedom to get out into the water instead of being restricted to the stream bank or a boat.

a view of the same bridge from afar
Well, after a time I decided to leave my man to his craft and I assumed other duties I enjoy so much on these day excursions as the official photographer. (you notice that I don't fish)

looking upstream

My long-time blog readers will probably recognize some of these shots -- I always take more every time we come to this place.

Canadian geese were in abundance
On this particular day, we saw at least 17 Canadian geese out on the water. I thought they were very entertaining...

butts up!

...especially when one of them apparently sent out a memo and they all, simultaneously, dipped their heads into the water and their bottoms went up into the air!

lunch for us
Yes, the eating was good for the geese on this day, and it wasn't too bad for us, either.

dark clouds rolled in

After six hours of fishing and two that got away, dark clouds, thunder, and rain rolled in. It's pretty common that we get rain storms, often with lightning, in the afternoons here in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

We packed up the car and headed to the Cracker Barrel restaurant on the way home, where trout was on the menu. This is always Beloved's default plan when the fish in the stream don't cooperate.


  1. Oh your part of the country looks so pretty...smiles. Before we moved here to western NY, we had a small A Frame house on Lake Tuscaloosa, AL and I would often find the boys out there fishing. We all love to fish or as my husband said, "Commune with nature."

    Thank you for such a lovely post. smiles

  2. Smart man! Having a Plan B that is. So you spend your time feeding the birds and taking photos? Do you read or hike? My uncle is the kind of fisherman who carries his rod in the trunk at all times and when traveling down the road is very likely to say at any given moment, "Wait a minute, I've got to see if anything is biting here." Cracks me up.

  3. Oh my goodness, such beauty!! Sorry the fishing wasn't so good, but it looks like you both had a great day being outside in all of God's glory! Dinner at Cracker Barrell is a great way to end the day, catch or no catch! My dad was a fisherman and all of our family vacations were so he could fish. Of course, we had fun too, though I am not a fisherperson.

  4. I really enjoyed this narrative and the photos..I loved the blue sky and clear streams in Colorado when we visited but didn't care for the curvy roads much...don't you love seeing the scenery from other parts of the country on blogs..its like visiting, almost...sounded like a lovely day all around.
    Mama Bear