Sunday, August 21, 2016

Shadow and Sunshine

Impatiens and Coleus in Golden, Colorado
Last week while checking Face Book, I learned unhappy news. A girlfriend of about eleven years had passed away suddenly. The last time I was with her in person was in October when we both drove a long distance to meet halfway at an Olive Garden restaurant for lunch to catch up on our lives and family news. 

time for contemplation
Blessedly, the day after receiving the news was when we went on the fishing trip where I had time to myself to remember, think, cry, and pray. The memorial service was a couple of days later, which Beloved, Denise and I were able to attend. 

Our friend was ready to meet the Lord; we are sure of that. The closing of her time on earth was sudden. This was an excellent example of the fact that we all need to make our peace with the Lord Jesus Christ now, while we have the time. 

... now is the time of God's favor,
now is the day of salvation.
II Corinthians 6:2

My weekend picked up in mood in a delightful gathering of friends with "Breakfast Under the Pergola," as the hosts called it.

back yard pergola
Members of our church have a beautiful, and exceptionally large, wood pergola in their back yard.  They invited our Bible study class to enjoy a sumptuous spread of breakfast casseroles, breads, fruit, and flavored coffee.  The weather was perfect and we had such a good time.

dressing up the reading area
Time for a little practical sewing was found this weekend. I use a cocktail table to hold my books but it needed something to soften the look. A quick trip to Walmart resulted in the perfect fabric to whip up a pleated table cloth that took less than an hour to complete.

Groomsman, Scotland Traveler, me, and Beloved
Saturday night was very special when friends from our college days came to dinner. Beloved met them on his campus and as it has turned out, we have shared a lot of life experiences with them, including the guys in ROTC, commissioned to the Air Force side-by-side, our engagements to be married, child-bearing, and more. 

Not only do we enjoy each other's company, but it's been very interesting to compare notes as we have passed through the many seasons of adulthood.  

Epic Adventure at the Philip S. Miller Park

To cap the evening off, we took them to a local park to show off what is called "Epic Adventure," a giant version of monkey bars, if you will.  People climb ropes here, swing from a horse saddle to one platform to another all while harnessed securely. No, we did not climb this thing, but for us, it's an interesting attraction to show to our out-of-town guests.


What has been emphasized to me over the last several days? Relationships should not be taken for granted. Ever. Cherish them, even the hard ones. God has something for us in every person we meet. 


  1. So true! We had a neighbor (from our old house) and gal that graduated with Hubby die suddenly 3 weeks ago. She had a stomach blockage and went septic before she ever knew it. Yes, we need to make every day count and carve out time for those that matter to us. Great post!

  2. How sad and I agree, never take anything for granted...not so sure about those monkey bars, giggling.

    Have a beautiful day, friend.

  3. Truth. We just never know when our time on earth will end and we'd better be ready! Nice that you got to spend time with your dear friends, and I would be quite happy watching others participate in those very large monkey bars! LOL

  4. I agree with this post very much and I'm happy that your friend's death was sudden. Although it is hard for the family to lose a loved one suddenly, it is certainly preferable to a long illness before death...I feel if we believe and our friend or loved one is a Christian then we should only be sad at our loss but it is a blessing that they are in heaven.
    Mama Bear