Friday, August 12, 2016

Meet Me at the Fair

Quilt collage from the county fair
In spite of a dire forecast for rain, we had bought our tickets online a week earlier for the fair and rodeo, so we were determined to go.

Our first stop was to see the quilt exhibit, which included two made by my next-door neighbor (see above, top center with a BLUE RIBBON!!! and top right).

greeting the donkey
We brought with us the Dog Whisperer and her hubby, but truth be told, she has a wonderful way with all animals, with this donkey being the first of the afternoon.

We were not able to get close enough to say anything into this cow's ear, but I would have been at a loss for words anyway. 

The pigs were bathed and clean for the fair. I always marvel that their hair is not soft.  There were no piglets, which is what I was hoping to see.

That fluff-headed chicken on the middle right -- I think I've seen that one in a Disney animated movie.  She (he?) has personality.

hanging on every word
The Dog Whisperer really had the ear of this goat. He climbed up the gate and couldn't get enough of her gentle attention.

presenting the colors
Fair food tends to be pricey and a salad can't be found for types like me, so I bent my own rules and joined my companions with a supper of BBQ pork sandwiches. We then secured our seats on the bleachers for the rodeo.

By the way, when people say, "This isn't my first rodeo," Beloved and I had to say that, well, actually it was!! 

The rodeo queen departs with her princesses
If we've been to a rodeo before, neither of us remembers it. We didn't know if we would enjoy the show, but we most certainly did! The action was so fast and exciting that I took extremely few pictures. 

me 'n the Dog Whisperer
That rain finally did come, but we were prepared with our ponchos. This city girl isn't sure she wants to go to the fair every year, but when she does, tickets for the rodeo should be included.


  1. It's been years since I went to a fair and I've never been to a rodeo. Looks like you and your friends had a great time! I would have enjoyed that pork BBQ sandwich!!

  2. What a great post, Barbara! I told hubby if we were ever to own a farm again, pigs would be have to be on the farm...he goes, "Yeah, as Bacon and Fatback". Sigh, no as pets....sigh....and smiles.

  3. I love to go to a fair and see all the exhibits...unfortunately there isn't one in our county anymore..the last one we went to was in Memphis and it rained that day, too...We used to go to the rodeo a good bit but not in several years but I enjoyed them.
    Mama Bear

  4. Looks like great fun to me! Even the rain, as long as you had ponchos, looks like fun. I enjoyed the one rodeo I ever attended...lots of excitement and action.