Saturday, July 23, 2016

To Do List

Whoa! What a week this has been. 

A few days ago I posted photos from the Staff Meeting (see my previous blog post) where Rent-a-Nurse and Mrs Berniece Mertz gave a report to us on their trip to aid The Cook on Fifth Street as she recovers from her serious hand laceration. 

What you could not tell from that post was that I was in ever-deepening pain myself as I staged the photo with that post. I tend to ignore symptoms, seeking to push through the pain, or play hurt -- whatever you want to call it.  But after the post was written, I had to face reality that something was wrong in the upper spine/neck/shoulders of my body. 

After enduring a day of pain that would not get any better, I surrendered and had Beloved take me to our chiropractor where we learned I had dislocated a couple of ribs at the base of my neck (yes, there are ribs up that high), and possibly had a pinched nerve or something. (probably from carrying luggage)

Some dramatic-sounding pops came out of his manipulations and although there was no immediate relief, the road to recovery was begun.  If you've ever had rib problems then you know how incredibly painful it is. I have developed a narcotic-like dependency on my ice pack and laying prone (on my back, that is) with few exceptions to use the bathroom and eat a meal. Medication has not made much of a difference, but it is supposed to aid the problem with inflammation, so that has been used, as well.

I cannot sit up long enough to work on my computer, so my link to the outside world has been via my iPhone (and I'm so grateful for that), but I don't compose blog posts on anything other than my laptop.

Today I am a little better so I have a couple of goals in mind.  First, I need to break up that Staff Meeting that is still assembled in the dining room bay window.  Everybody needs to be put back in my study where they normally live.

the Staff Meeting in the dining room

If you look closely, you can see some U-Haul boxes stacked against the wall on the left. The Cook on Fifth Street gave me some wonderful treasures during our recent visit, but I am in no shape to unpack them right now. I intend to write a nice post about those things sometime in the future.

Second, I simply must wade through the pile of paper on my desk (NOT pictured!!!). But we shall see about that. It's waited this can wait longer. It could be possible that the longer I wait, the more those papers will be irrelevant and I can just throw them away!

Pain is gripping me now, so I know it's time to close and go lay down again. Kudos to Beloved, who retired only 3 weeks ago yesterday and has already spent much of that time ministering to the injured and incapacitated in our family. I thank God for him!!

Beloved cooks dinner


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your injuries and the pain you are enduring! It is sure a blessing to have a hubby who can take good care of us when necessary. I hope the chiropractor can continue to help you recover! Take care!!

  2. Oh no, hope you get to feeling better....what a great hubby and I hope Rent-a-Nurse is also helping, wink. Praying that you start feeling better and looking forward to seeing what's in the boxes. smiles

  3. Oh dear...I am so sorry to hear of your neck injuriies. Take your time and take good care of yourself. I love that your husband has been such a big help. Praying for a speedy recovery.

  4. Some days I know how to spell injuries.

  5. Well, bless your heart! I have had ribs out of place (I only know that because my Chiropractor tells me) and it is amazing the pain it can create. I do hope you will be fully recovered very soon! Hugs!