Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Staff Meeting


Good evening. This is Eaves Dropping, Home and Garden Editor of the Whistlestop Weekly, reporting to you from Grammys Place Bed and Breakfast. A staff meeting was called late this afternoon so that Rent-a-Nurse and Mrs Berniece Mertz, who have recently returned from an emergency trip to Corn and Soybean Fields, could give us an update on the condition of The Cook on Fifth Street.

You may remember the news posted July 11th when it was reported The Cook on Fifth Street had been seriously injured in a most unfortunate entanglement with a lawn chair on the 4th of July, resulting in a speedy trip to the Emergency Room and a laceration requiring multiple rolls of gauze.  While some assumed the accident was due to fireworks, the truth of the matter is that the lawn chair was the culprit and the fireworks show had not yet even begun.

Everyone at Grammys Place Bed and Breakfast was terribly alarmed to hear what had happened to The Cook on Fifth Street, and even more so when Sister said she would cancel her long-awaited romantic trip with Former Farmer to a glamorous resort many miles away for several days.


Grammy Bear dispatched Whislestop's Rent-a-Nurse and our own Bed and Breakfast Chef, Mrs Berniece Mertz to the bedside of The Cook on Fifth Street to give her necessary aid so Sister and Former Farmer could travel together.


So many others wanted to go as well, including Mandy Sue, who had dressed herself in the most cheerful apron she owns. Her cupcakes are remarkably tasty.

Lily, too, felt she should be sent because she owns a sharp-looking pair of scrubs, leftover from years ago when she helped Grandad Bear with his physical therapy.


Spud, our B and B Handyman thought maybe he could mow the grass and change out burnt light bulbs (although secretly he especially hoped he could operate Sister's new ride-a-round lawn mower and tinker about in Former Farmer's garage work bench).

Today's staff meeting
But alas for all but two of them, everybody had to stay behind. There simply was not room in the car for everybody! 

Rent-a-Nurse at the podium

Rent-a-Nurse, who can be quite strict when the well-being of her patients are concerned, made it clear that this was not to be a pleasure trip. The Cook on Fifth Street needed genuine assistance and no funny business could be permitted. 

Mrs Berniece Mertz

She did make the notable exception of saying she would need the services of Mrs Berniece Mertz to provide protein-rich as well as tantalizing delicious meals for The Cook on Fifth Street. After all, since the patient was known for her own memorable recipes, the very best must be provided for her during this time of recuperation.

wound care with a silver pad

With all that said, our ambassadors of help returned late yesterday and gathered us today for their report. All is going very well for The Cook on Fifth Street. She has six stitches to hold the laceration together and is receiving excellent help from the wound care doctors and nurses. The terrible swelling and purple skin are a thing of the past and the prognosis is very good. As with such things, it will just take time for a full recovery.

Our patient wishes to extend her gratitude for all the words of concern and prayers said on her behalf. 


This is Eaves Dropping, concluding my report from Grammys Place Bed and Breakfast.


  1. I'm told that Rent-A-Nurse and Mrs. Mertz were very well received on Fifth Street!

    There were NUMEROUS trips to stores and the clinic to provide for the patient's welfare.

    Actually, could have used Spud for light bulb replacement!

  2. I am relieved to learn that you are being well cared for and that healing has begun. I've been wondering what the 'real' story was and feel much better now that it has all been explained!! Keep healing! Hugs!

  3. {{{Big Smiles}}}--well done Rent-a-Nurse and Mrs. Mertz. I am sure the Cook on Fifth Street was a good patient, smiles. Keeping the cook I prayer.

  4. What a generous and busy bunch you are...and how nice that the Cook on Fifth Street has such willing help.
    Mama Bear