Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Reviewing the 4th

As we approached the 4th of July holiday, we had not made any special plans to see the fireworks because we aren't fans of the traffic and crowds that go with big events.

But that all changed when we found this post card in our mailbox. 

Based on the information given, it looked like we would be able to sit comfortably on our front porch to see our town's fireworks show! 

We were thrilled and could hardly wait for Monday to come. That day it was hard to wait for sundown. To pass the time, we drove up north to a lake and had a little picnic under tall shade trees. We walked through the historic downtown, enjoying window displays of the shops that were closed for the holiday. Wonderful sculptures were all over -- this one of three Basset Hounds was our favorite.

Back at home that evening, Beloved grilled hamburgers for us on the deck while I made a potato recipe and a salad.

We set out our chairs on the front porch, hoping the view of the fireworks would be every bit as wonderful as advertised.

It was amazing! My phone camera didn't do the show justice. It was bigger than this! The program lasted a solid fifteen minutes and it was spectacular. We marveled that we didn't have to leave our front porch to see such a great show of fireworks!


  1. Wish I could have joined you on your porch for that fireworks display! I could get into that. We don't like the crowds and traffic either. Loved your photos!!

  2. That seems very nice! I, too, had my own display of private fireworks launched just across the street. Ai yi yi! Scary and certainly not the required 150 foot clearance.

    Your growing excitement through the day was fun to read about! I thought those basset hounds were real and couldn't imagine how you'd want to pet such lathered dogs. Ha!

  3. Awesome!! Those basset hound statues are cute...(and giggling at Vee)---have a lovely day, friend.

  4. Hey, this could be a big "selling feature" should you ever sell your house. I mean, it doesn't get much better than sitting on your own front porch and watch a big fire works display. Happy week!