Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Pondering on the Interstate

red work embroidery in the car last week

Regarding my snowman sewing, have you looked at the calendar?! Can you believe it? We've got 5 months until the dawn of Christmas Day! The year is half gone! Time really flies.

* * *

So we're bopping along the Interstate with cornfields on one side of the road and soybeans on the other -- and I only know the latter is soybeans because my brother-in-law told me so. I nicknamed him here on my blog as "Former Farmer" (because he is), and therefore he knows such things.

Anyway, we are on our road trip and I'm blessed to be able to read and do needlework from the passenger seat. Years ago such activities made me car sick, but sometime after I stopped giving birth to children, my body leveled out and I can do fun things to pass the time as we travel.

It is Beloved's daily habit when we are at home to listen to podcasts by radio preacher Chuck Swindoll, so when we are on the road, he listens to them and I get to be a part of that. I love it. Every woman should have a husband who listens to God through good men and thereby strengthens her faith.

I was stitching away and listening to the podcasts. Chuck always throws out these pithy sayings that I want to remember. I put down my needle long enough to type out notes to myself on my cell phone. Here are just a few of his quotes I ponder:

- The mature see benefit in hardship, not just the pain

- Know that as adults we will sometimes fall into adolescence. Know that this happens.

- A ministry that costs nothing accomplishes nothing.

- Unlearn manipulating people.

- Don't pick locks


  1. Great quotes! Well, I have always had trouble reading in a moving vehicle and still do, so birthing babies hasn't had anything to do with my problem. These days, I do all the driving so it really doesn't matter anymore anyhow! Tell us more....

  2. My body still wants to be in charge when I am a passenger and does not allow me to read or work on any project. That's why I enjoy listening to audio books and things. I especially like the last one probably because I have been guilty of attempting it. When God says no, it is best to leave it at that.